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Online hula movie and more

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I have been searching this archive and found THIS hula movie and THIS Easter Island silent color film. Still looking for more on that topic, but there is a lot of other cool stuff there as well.


This hula movie is worth trhe download.

The hula gal is a cute brunette haole, and the song isn't bad either.

Thanks for posting the link, Swanky.

Question: There's a 30 meg MP2 version and a 5 meg MP4 version.

Is the MP2 higher res, or just compressed with an older less efficient compressing technique that yeilds a bigger end file?

I'd download the bigger on if it's higher resolution.


I am not sure. I am a bit more tech savy and I used the ftp client and it worked well. The servers there are sometimes crazy slow. I got 200kb/sec on the good days, some days it was less then 1 kb/sec. If you get crazy slow speeds, try another day. I have been downloading the vitage commercials too. Fun stuff.


I tried the 5 meg one and Windows didn't want to play it. I got it and another player to show it, but no sound. It is also half the size.


I think this vid might be out-takes from some Thor Heyerdahl project.

Is this Thor?

Could be:

These is also a woman in the vid who might be Yvonne (Thors wife) but you never see her face clearly

Here's the best..

There are also subliminal messages in this video!

This guy flashes on screen for like one frame:

And some Moai, just because...

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JT check your pic urls.

Swanky, That's a great archive. I used to spend a lot of time there but forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me.

They have several good Civil Defense films (and many commercials.)

Two great films you found.

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