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Whats going on everyone.
I am new to the forums and the scene. I have always loved Tiki and anything tropical. I bought a house a year ago, and have now begun construction on a Tiki Room that will consume my basement.
I will be posting pictures on my website as I go as well.

I am basically here to meet people interested in the same things as I, as well as get ideas on what to add to and make my room out to be.
So far I have a bar that will be built into the back of the basement, I am going to build a small bar up the side of the wall and have the supports be Tiki as well. I plan on covering the floor with a brown / tan carpeting, and just add decorations.

Any comments are greatly appreciated as I want to make this a room that people remember and talk about.

Thank you all.

Tiki- Todd

Dude...(oh, welcome to Tiki Central) just buy the Book Of Tiki, check out vintage tiki postcards, go to some of the classic joints, PUT ON YOU THINKING CAP AND BE CREATIVE. I don't think anyone here with a great home bar (and there are plenty) ever asked a soul to tell them how to do it...You can do a lot more as a fool on fire than a scholar on ice.

Right on...
I live in the Boston Area but spent a few years in South Florida. My job and the money that comes with it keeps me here for now so as long as I am up here freezing I want to bring a little bit of the Island feel to Massachusetts. I have a million dollars worth of ideas, and hopefully will be able to get them all hooked up soon.
I look forward to checking out everyone elses posts and spaces.

Stay Gold.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome Todd.
I am finally starting to work on plans for my bar and decor. There are so many amazing shapes, sizes, and ways to do it. Narrowing them down to one seems to be the problem. Like Basement said be creative and make it your own, and you must see Basements bar so you know he's an authority on creative bar building!

Do post pictures on Creating Tiki as you go along...there are a few other people's bar creations on the forum as well.

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