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Advice on Lead painted mugs wanted

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I have a very small collection (so far) of tiki mugs, mainly new ones, but I do have a couple of older mugs. I've no aversion to using the old mugs, but I' not too keen on getting poisoned using them (well not lead poisioning anyway). Any advice on how to test/recognise what mugs were painted using lead based paints?


There has been this discussion before a couple of times. The simple answer is, don't worry about it. The main toxic glazes are the red ones, and even that's not a real big issue. Especially drinking cold beverages. More worries from the rum than the glazes.

I agree,

I've heard this discussion brought up regarding eating off 1940's Bauer and Fiesta dinnerware as well. The experts claim that you get more exposure to lead in your city drinking water than you would if you drank and ate every day off these old lead-glazed ceramics. The amount of lead ingested is supposed to be infitesimal.


Hurrah!!!! Let the Mai Tai's flow.

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