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Smokin' Menehunes Artwork

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Our guitarist Spike (Lucky Designs)is a graphic artists for the legendary surf company O'Neil. He created a very cool vintage style Hawaiian tourist postcard for our band.

I sent one to Purple Jade and before I knew it she had created an equally very cool Smokin' Menehune medallion.

These are two very talented individuals of which I expect great things.

Below I have posted the original postcard (unfortunately, it got cropped on the sides) and the medallion.


That's cool stuff. I love the medallion - gotta get me one of those for sure!


That is a great iconic image!

His smile is perfect. It vaguely reminds me of the Greatful Dead Bear Image's smile.

No musical connection intended. Not meant as a Tiki endorsement of the Greatful Dead.

Wow! Purple Jade that is one Smokin' Menehune!!! No surprise to me! Girl you have got it! Where else can you find a group of such amazing talented people? Beautiful work Luckydesigns! I can't wait to hear the CD.

Its a Hawaiian Bob's Big Boy.

Me Likey!

The Purple Jade artwork is an amazing 3d interpretation of 2d art.

Nice design Spike.

Pretty cool art by everyone involved. My eyes are satisfied but my eager ears are anticipating the tunage.


I stopped by Oceanic Arts today to talk to the crew and give Bob our CD. And as I was walking through the hallowed halls of OA, what to my ears suprise did I hear? The Smokin' Menehunes.

If I stopped playing steel today, I'd be happy just knowing our music adorned the beautifly musty airspace of OA!

Heaven, I'm in heaven....

Shouldn't this be in the Creating Tiki Section!?
If'n it wasn't you were in my band, and I gotta see you in about 6 hours, I'd lay into you like a DI on a new recruit.

Well, in light of our reminder, I did ponder where exactly it should go. I didn't post it in 'Creating Tiki' as I didn't creat it. (And I'm an attention whore and wanted maximum exposure!)

GECKO posted on Mon, Jan 12, 2004 5:20 PM

I love it all! SWEET! Purple J, I PM'd ya.
Bong congrats on listening to your music in OA! I know how you feel. When I sold my first carvings to OA for resale I felt like "ya dats right I'm da man"! It's a great feeling and story to pass on.

Congrats to the whole band! and Lucky D that design is "Betta Den Pig Betta Den Poi" as wee say here in paradise.

Aloha to da whole click!

Aloha to you to Gecko!

Hey! Al and Shelly, me and mine will be in your neck of the woods this Spring. Let's hook up and toss a couple back.

Thanks for the kind words about my art everybody. I just got back from practice tonight with my new menehune charm and it looks even better in person. Absolutely great work Jade! I'm very impressed.


[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2004-01-13 00:10 ]


well, I'll see you braddahz in 3 months. we gotta suck'em up! Have you guys tooken the Ali'i dinner cruise? It's on a pretty nice cattamaran(sp?) thats got tikis on it as well as a hula show to go with the diamond head cruise off da shores of da magical Waikiki. lets do it!


I hear you want to go to Chuck's Steak House!


HA HA HA! Don't go there Bong! I'll go! you betta be nice to Shelly...your wrong. It's funny now though. No worries!

Nice work indeed Spike and PJ, thanks for posting Bong.

On 2004-01-13 22:28, GECKO wrote:
HA HA HA! Don't go there Bong! I'll go! you betta be nice to Shelly...your wrong. It's funny now though. No worries!

Hey, I've been noticed 'borrowing' an item or 2 from a tiki place, so I ain't throwing no rocks at glass houses. I thought it was funny also.

I can definitley see the spike influence on the Hawaiina them by the fact that the character is wearing a pompadour. It's a great, reminiscent of the Elvis in Hawaii.

Good observation Fred, not only that, but Spike's spin on hapa haole music is a bit of a elvis-vocal flavor on the tunes.

Spike's da man! He is our perosnal Elvis!!

Plus, as talented as he is, he is also a very humble guy!

No arrogance, no conceit! Not like Me!



Where can I get a copy of a Smokin Menehunes CD?



As soon as Spike (Lucky Design) finds a duplicating place, they'll be done. Since no one will buy 'em if I offer them, I'll have him sell 'em.

The majority of tunes are old hawaiian instrumentals. We plan to do only about 1 vocal tune per every 3 or 4 instrumentals.



Smokin Menehunes, smoke indeed.Where there's smoke, there's fire. Opening w/jungle sounds and then proceeding to play a killer bunch of songs. Vocals include; Little Brown Gal,Pearly Shells, and Little Grass Shack w/an Elvis-y ending. My favorite tunes are the instrumentals, including a slow, dreamy (the way it was meant to be played)Sleepwalk. Haunting song. My favorites are Aha Aina and La Ora Na Tahihit which fades out and then the jungle noises take you away again with a blowing conch(?)

[ Edited by: Gavin on 2004-01-29 12:53 ]

Hey Menehunes, How is the duplicating progress coming along? Any idea when the natives are going to be able to get our ears wrapped around this disk?


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