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new shag print

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I just checked shagmart and saw the new print that comes out next week. This one is tiki and looks like it will sell out fast.

Dutch tulips.


At the risk of sounding ingorant...I don't get the whole Dutch Tulip reference?

Can you 'splain?


At the risk of sounding ingorant...I don't get the whole Dutch Tulip reference?

Can you 'splain?

A reference to an artificially created collecting marketplace, with inadequate "inherent" value to the product itself.

In the 1700's (I may be of a hundred or so years) there was a collectors craze for tulip bulbs in Holland. The market went wild with speculation, but then the fad petered out and many tulip bulb speculators were left holding the trowel, so to speak.

Kinda similar to sports cards and Beanies here in the US in the last few years.

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"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art"
-- Andy Warhol

I think it's tough to judge the inherent value of a work of art since there are too many variables involved. Many of these relate to current cultural values and trends, which are unpredictable at the best of times. It is clear that prolific print artists such as Warhol, Neiman, and Erté have been influential forces, and have earned their own unique place in art history; certainly there were times when their detractors would have disdainfully stated "Dutch Tulips". Whether or not Shag will earn his own place in history remains to be seen.

From my own perspective, I own Shag prints not because of any real monetary or "inherent" value, but because I like them. He's got a good sense of humor, and in many instances a sharp wit. The colors are great, and the quality of the prints I own is very good. They make me happy. I wish I could get some original Gary Larson "Far Side" artwork for the very same reason - would his work be considered to have any real inherent value? I rather doubt it, but who can tell? I have a Charles Addams drawing that was recently appraised at a rather shocking figure, and I doubt anyone could have predicted that his work would ever be of any value.

Just my two cents ... time for my fourth Mai-Tai.


Hi Cybertiki.

Right you are about the subjectivity of the value of art.

I meant to explain the tulip thing but not to belittle Shag officionados.

wow ... I don't really get where that whole conversation came from. I just saw the new print, thought it was really cool and wanted to share it with the rest of you.

I didn't think you belittled anyone, and in fact, I'd tend to agree that much of the Shag phenomenon probably consists of an "artificially created collecting marketplace"; hence my inclusion of the Warhol quote. As you say however, valuation of a work of art is, in the end, a very subjective matter. I don't think the fact that the collectors market is artificial negates the talent involved in creating the works of art - or the business acumen in creating a market.

Sadly, however, I think there are two schools of thought as regard art in general. There is a purist view that believes in "art for art's sake". This group generally accepts the starving-artist stereotype, as long as the works produced have a redeeming artistic or social value. This school tends to reject works that are too commercial, denying them as true "works of art". This is the reason that John Williams work in Star Wars will probably never be recognized as "high art" - in spite of the magnificence and intricacy of the music.

The second group accepts that there is nothing ignoble about making a profit derived from a talent that is part natural, and part learned. If it is true that the "Shag thing" is an artifically created collectors market, I'd say Josh Agle deserves some credit! I've played as a musician in a Symphony Orchestra and I'll tip my hat to ANY artist who can make a living (let alone realize the monetary success of a Shag) with their inborn talents, and practiced skills. It isn't easy as many of the artists out there on Tiki Central can attest!

Well, I got 5 and a half umbrellas here, and lucid thoughts are coming on much more slowly - to say nothing for my typing - so I must've got thru my fifth Mai-Tai somewhere along here ... damned if I know where the half umbrella came from but it's still got a piece of pineapple and a cherry on it, so maybe I can get just one more drink in before bedtime!

On 2004-01-12 21:23, vwtikigirl wrote:
wow ... I don't really get where that whole conversation came from. I just saw the new print, thought it was really cool and wanted to share it with the rest of you.

Could be I'm rambling ...
Lotsa Mai-Tai's tend to do that :)

gotta say I'm jealous of the 5 mai tais ... I'm counting down til friday night. I'll be probably be doing a little rambling myself.

Well said Cybertiki. The #300 isn't why I bought "Green Wahine". If it helps Peit and SHAG sell prints and mugs, God Bless them.
VWgirl, which SHAG "Tiki" themed print going on sale next week are you talking about? Not seeing it, but I've had a couple of tasty cocktails...

I'm sorry, but this print is already sold out.
Wakin' Hanford From The Tiki Crawl Collection:

A Tiki Cheers To You

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Here's the "address" to the photo of the print. If it doesn't work, then just click on CULTJAM's link and scroll up to the top.



I like Shag, and I like his work. But the Big Mug print, along with the Green Wahine recently, have been available as greeting cards for years. I like when he offers prints of a new painting, but just scanning in an old piece that's lying around, changing the color, and making a seriograph, well, I can't help but think "quick buck". I know Wahine was offered at a lower price, perhaps to encourage collectors with not such deep pockets, which is a nice gesture, but I rather see him focus on new stuff, tiki or not.

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