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Tiki torch selection at Wal-Mart

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I noticed an unprecidented selection of tiki torches at a local Wal-Mart tonight when the word "Tiki" in an appropriate typestyle jumped out at me from a display in lawn and garden:
Tiki Cone Metal Torch, $8.88; this has a metal pole which supports an inverted cone-like container held upright by a thick spiral wire.
Tiki Grass Bamboo Torch, $4.83; this is bamboo post which supports a clear container in a bamboo and twine holder.
Both have fiberglass wicks and are marketed by Tiki, Menomonee Falls, WI. They also had the cheaper tiki torches they've carried for years but I'm sure this is the first time I've seen more than one type in this neck of the woods. Is it too much to hope that lawn and garden trade shows might be pushing tiki this year?

Ah, you must be talking about Lamplight Farms products... (interviewed for a graphic design position there last year...)

Here's a link to their torches...


Sears also sells Lamplight Farms products. When I worked in the SLS warehouse in Manteno, Il., I shipped many cases of garden torches as Expedited Merchendise Processing that we received from the factory & that we'd just pass on to the store. Lamplight Farms can't seem to pack anything in a way that keeps it undamaged, so look for dent-n-ding pieces & try to get'em cheaper.

I haven't been to look yet, but there were some very attractive Tiki Torches at K-mart last spring. The best part is that there were, on top of some more modern and "contemporary" designs, some Very Well Made classic Bamboo torches. Much better than the majority of what I've seen over the past 5 or 6 years.

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