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Old TV Shows w/ Special Hawaiian Episodes?

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We all know The Brady Bunch, of course, but what are some other moldie-oldie shows that had special on location Hawaiian episodes (usually two-parters)?

I can think of a few:

Sanford & Son
Love Boat
Eight is Enough

Any others?

I Dream Of Jeannie
Episode #64, "Greatest Con Artist in the World"
Description: While staying in Hawaii, Jeannie and Tony meet Mr. Vanerhaven, the richest man on the islands. Not knowing the person not really Vanderhaven is really Charlie, Mr. Vanderhaven's butler and a con artist who persuades Jeannie into buying a piece of land that he says is filled with diamonds. Not knowing they are fake diamonds, Jeannie accepts the offer as a trade for a pin that Kind Tut gave to her personally. When Jeannie finds out the truth about the land, he goes back to Vanderhaven and shows him millions of diamonds that she blinked up. Vanderhaven gives the pin back and takes the land back. Before leaving, Jeannie turns the Diamonds into candy!
Episode #75, "Jeannie Goes Honolulu"
Description: Tony and Roger Healey are sent to Hawaii on Air Force business, but to discourage Jeannie from coming along, they tell her that they are being sent to the North Pole. During their stay, Tony meets an Admiral's daughter, Eleanor, and they begin seeing each other. When Jeannie finds out, Tony tries to stifle her temper by lying his way out of it, saying that he and Roger are on a Top Secret Mission and one of his assignments is to protect Eleanor.
Episode #76, "The Battle of Waikiki"
Description: Jeannie blinks the revered ancient Hawaiian, King Kamehameha, back to life and takes him on a tour of what the Hawaiian Islands now look like in 1967 (when the episode was actually filmed). He becomes disillusioned when he believes that the Hawaiian people have forgotten all about him and makes plans to re-capture the Islands in his name again. Note: Actor Michael Ansara (King Kamehameha) and actress Barbara Eden were already married in real life by the time they filmed this episode together.

Episode #22, "A Cowboy In Paradise"
Description: Just before presenting a rackets case, Chief Clifford goes to Hawaii for a police conference. Taos sends McCloud, too, and the Marshal is obliged to dragoon a vacationing N.Y. policewoman when the Chief is set up on a murder charge.

Green Acres
Episode #169, "Hawaiian Honeymoon"
Description: It was a pilot for a possible series, starring Pamela Franklin and with Don Porter as her father. They run the Moana Rexford Hotel in Hawaii, where Green Acres series regulars Lisa and Oliver (Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert) visit on their fifth honeymoon.

Barnaby Jones
Episode #158 & 159 (two-parter), "Nightmare in Hawaii"
Description: In order to help his friend Andy Spencer J.R. travels to Maui, Hawaii, but he experiences a nightmare: At the meeting-place J. R. is found with a stabbed dope pusher, Andy disavows him and police Lt. Walt Abbott finds marihuana and money in J. R.'s bag. Barnaby and Betty arrive in aid of the framed J.R., but due to an old grudge Abbott denies any help. J.R. succeeds in escaping from prison and tries to meet Andy, who is killed. Barnaby finds out that Michael, Andy's brother, is involved in smuggling drugs in pineapple boxes, competing with dangerous Terry Shaw. Toni, Michael's sister tries to save J.R.'s life.

The Six Million Dollar Man
Episode: #98, "Lost Island"
Description: [Originally aired as a two hour episode, it is shown in two parts in syndication]. While searching for a downed satellite in the Pacific, Steve rescues a young woman from drowning and from two pursuers, named Da-nay. In return for saving her life, she tells him that the satellite has landed on her island, which is protected by an impenetrable force field. She promises to lead him to the satellite if he does something for her. It seems that Da-Nay's island is inhabited by descendants of aliens, and is protected by a force field that makes it invisible from a distance. She will lead Steve to the satellite if he brings an immunity serum that is being developed in Hawaii to her. The serum is desperately needed because the island is being threatened by a man named Torg who is leading a revolt on the island. The people cannot flee to another island since they have no immunity against disease.

Charlie's Angels
Episode #101, "To See An Angel Die"
Description: The Angels check into their hotel in Hawaii. When Kris goes out to get some champagne to celebrate Julie's joining the team, she is driven off the road and kidnapped.
Episode #102, "Angels Of The Deep"
Description: Kris and companion Bianca Blake find a sunken ship with a load of marijuana on board. The Angels get caught in a dispute between the ships' owners and thieves who want to steal the cargo.
Episode #103, "Island Angels"
Description: In Hawaii, the Angels get word that an assassin has been hired to kill an envoy from a peace-keeping organization who is scheduled to speak at the convention center in 48 hours.
Episode #104, "Waikiki Angels"
Description: Hoping for a vacation, the Angels go to Honolulu. But instead, they are called to the aid of a Congressman's son, who is attacked while honeymooning with his new wife.
Episode #105, "Hula Angels"
Description: (last of the "Hawaii" series) When Steve Moss, owner of the Tropicana nightclub, is kidnapped and held for $1 million ransom, the Angels are called in to find him.

The Jeffersons
Episode #137, "The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii" (Part I)
Description: Tom and Helen are enjoying their vacation in Hawaii, while Florence is back home wanting to take a vacation. This leads Louise to buy her a plane ticket to Hawaii. Meanwhile, George visits his doctor and learns that he must lower his blood pressure so he decides to take a vacation to Hawaii with Louise.
Episode #138, "The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii" (Part II)
Description: George, Louise and Florence arrive in Hawaii and discover that Tom and Helen have decided to stay a few more days. Meanwhile, George begins to work on lowering his blood pressure which leads him to decide that he wants to sell his business and move to Hawaii.

Murder She Wrote
Episode #222, "Death in Hawaii"
Poor Jessica can't take a vacation without finding mystery or murder. In this case, it is an election campaign gone bad.

Episode #21, "Island Caper"
Description: An ex-convict is blackmailed into crime on a tropical paradise.

The Rockford Files
Episode #119, "The Hawaiian Headache"
Description: Jim is lured to Hawaii and tricked into helping his former Army commander with a CIA related investigation.

Sanford and Son
Episode #112, 113 & 114, "The Hawaiian Connection"
Description: Three Jewel theives try and find a way to smuggle some expensive gems from Hawaii to L.A. That is where Fred and Lamont come in. Fred goes to Hawaii to attend a Junkmen of America convention. The crooks then sneak the jewels on Fred so that he can take them to L.A. without knowing anything about it. Fred accidentally loses his pal's "package" and the crooks start chasing him all over Hawaii while at the same time Fred still doesn't know what's going on.

Eight Is Enough
Episode #70, "Fathers And Other Strangers" (Part I)
Description: Tom thinks that Tommy is spending too much time with his band and is neglecting his school work. Tom's sister, Vivian, also known as Auntie V, arrives and offers to take the entire family to Hawaii for a vacation. The real reason is that she has found out that Tom's long-lost father is living there.
Episode #71, "Fathers And Other Strangers" (Part II)
Description: Joannie and Mary think they are being followed by a strange-looking tourist.
Elizabeth and Nancy meet two men who claim to be native Hawaiians.
Tom is upset to learn that Vivian and Abby have conspired to have him meet his father, who he hasn't seen in 40 years. Tears, understanding and good cheer as Tom and his father finally make up when the family tries to get them together.

The Flintstones
Episode Recorded: 6/21/62
Episode Originally Aired: 11/16/62
"Hawaiian Escapade"
Description: Wilma and Betty win a trip to Rockiki Beach to meet Larry Lava and appear on the Hawaiian Spy TV series.

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[ Edited by: sugarcaddydaddy on 2004-01-15 09:27 ]

Wow SCD, that IS impressive! Please tell me you have some sort of T.V. enclopedia...

On 2004-01-14 00:50, SugarCaddyDaddy wrote:

Murder She Wrote
Episode #222, "Death in Hawaii"
Poor Jessica can't take a vacation without finding mystery or murder. In this case, it is an election campaign gone bad.

I wonder if thats the episode with the Magnum P.I. crossover, if so there is a magnum episode that he meets Jessica on another case .

(the only way Jessica can stumble into so many murder cases is the secret fact that she Jessica Fletcher is a Serial Killer and frames all the so called guilty parties.)


Maybe Jeannie and the Major went to Hawaii a lot...


Tiki Royale: The two sources I have used are http://www.tvtome.com, and http://www.epguides.com

AtomicTonyTiki: The crossover answer can be found here.

Woofmut: Thanks, I added to more to the list on IDOJ, see above.

Also, I left out shows with a Hawaiian theme to the above list (ie: Hawaiian Eye, Magnum P.I., Hawaii 5-0) for obvious reasons.

[ Edited by: SugarCaddyDaddy on 2004-01-15 09:16 ]

i have a gut vibe that there must have been a flintstones with some kind of hawaiian theme...

although jonny quest had many exotic locales i don't recall any hawaiian locale...

hadji doin, j$


(looking above and below)

thx SCD, you the kane. - j$

Elvis needs boats.

[ Edited by: Johnny Dollar on 2004-01-15 09:37 ]

J$: See above for the addition to the list :lol:


Back in this post Bigbro refers to a Rockford Files episode "The Hawaiian Headache" so I checked it out. Also SugarCaddyDaddy mentions it in this thread so it should go here.

The Rockford Files - The Hawaiian Headache
Original Air Date: 23 November 1979

The episode had some stuff we like ~

This Maori Warrior statue at the airport.


You almost couldn't film a Hawaiian episode in the 70's or 80's without the lovely Elissa Dulce Hoopai.

Some bad guys and a Tiki.



The Feds arrive with a Keith Hernandez lookalike. :lol:

"Up against the Tiki"

It was an ok episode but Rockford's Father was way too chatty.

What, Rocky too chatty? Naaaw... :wink:

Such a hilarious scene, from a Tikiphile's standpoint! Love the first frame, with the three guys lined up like in a Western. That's how I would shoot EVERY scene in Hawaii: Put a big Tiki in the foreground! (But they won't let me...)

I am not really partial to 70s TV, you can chase me outta the room with "Magnum", but I like my Rockford Files, yes.


Of course there's the great Ozzie and Harriet episode, with legendary Harry Owens and a real/quality Hawaiian band for their Hollywaiian luau http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM1Hquv7dNU


My Little Margiel

The Hawaii story is available to view, free. I don't recall any tiki, but there is some hula and music.

Waikiki Tiki; Art, History, and Photographs.
Available now from Bess Press Hawaii.

[ Edited by: Phillip Roberts 2012-01-04 13:44 ]

I came across a rerun of this one not too long ago:

Mama's Family
Mama Goes Hawaiian (1)Season 4, Episode 20, Aired 2/20/88


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