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Weeping Warrior candle

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I saw a "Weeping Warrior" candle recently at an antique mall and am wondering if its part of a collection. Its a nearly black candle in the shape of a Hawaiian-style tiki god with long ducts which extend from the eyes upward to the top and center of the candle such that as it would burn, the liquid wax would flow out the eyes. Of course, as you burn it, you destroy it which is why I've never gotten the appeal of shaped candles. It looks kinda cool but its $12. Has anyone seen these and are they a set?


I don't know about them being a set- but I have seen and owned a few different sizes and styles. My fav is this 15 inch tall one:


There was a candle company in Hawaii making them- can't remember their name right now, but I'll find it...

I love that candle TikiHula!

It was my very first Tiki purchase.

I found it at a second hand furniture store less than a block from my house. The owner was just using it for decoration, so she sold it to me for $1!




Check out our local TC candlemaker suburbanpagan. He spoke of having a weeping candle as you have and I believe he may have a mold for it,

That "Wheeping Tiki" candle is one of my favourite concepts in Tiki-dom! I was wheeping when I had to decide that I would not have enough room in my "Hunters & Colectors" chapter to properly display and describe it. It looks so cool when the wax tears start running!(I saw some used ones.)

"Hula Dancers and Tiki Gods" unfortunately missed the opportunity to show it off by describing it on page 195 merely as "Tiki Candle- The farther down they burn, the more character they get". There are two on page 161 of Tiki Quest, and there are other designs.

A while back, Hilo Hattie's was using an old mold of one for their candles, but they neglected to drill the tear duct holes!

About two years ago someone was selling several old stock ones on e-bay, unused and in the original package. Fatu Hiva, didn't you get some?


Strangely enough, my first memories of anything tiki involved a weeping moai candle. When I was a youngun (in the 60s), my neighbor's cousins came to visit from Hawaii. They brought one of these candles, and we lit it up during an evening party. I sat for an hour watching the moai cry! Those memories are what got me into tiki!

Seeee! What a moving story, I think I am going to cry...

Thanks for the reference Benzart! It is true....it was my first tiki purchase and I still have it! I've had to carve out the eyes a couple of times because I used it a few times.... I started carving my own "criers" because I couldn't find them anymore! Here is my version of a weeping warrior:

the one on the right cries, the left one only winces a little!
I'll snap a pic of my original and upload it ASAP!

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That is really cool suburbanpagan,

Mine was a little used when I got it, just so that the tears had started to flow. I'll never use or rid myself of that precious warrior.

I love the fact that you now make them for yourself and others to enjoy!


Great score, TikiWahine! Nice to see that you can still find some great stuff at wow prices! That candle is soooo cooool :)

Well, between reading your responses and the dealer lowering the price to $8, I convinced myself to buy the candle. I'll get a pic of it posted soon.

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I got this guy on ebay for about $3 a while back, says T15 The Famous Crying Tiki Of Polynesia, Aloha Candle Company, Haneohe, Hawaii. Fixin' to burn him soon. A Moai.

Sorry for the quality of the quickie photo effort, but here's the candle; its about 6" tall and the tag is about 2" square:

SES posted on Sat, Jan 24, 2004 8:20 AM

"In the event the candle fails to weep,puncture eyes with a sharp object to free any obstacles."

Ouch! Yeah that would make me cry too!

Savage Renewal: Archaeology: Weeping Tiki Candles!

Weeping candles fascinate me. My very first tiki find in the wild was this big guy, bought only one block from my house for $1. So far I have two!

I recently found another one, this one is tiny compared to the big guy!

Here is another style I found pictures of online. This one is for sale at Collectibles in Paradise for $18.

Does anyone else collect these?
I'd love to see some new pictures of old weepers!

Wow, I never knew there were so many kinds of weeping tiki candles. If by "collect" you mean "have 1 of", then yes, I collect these. Here's my collection:

99¢ thrift store find. Wouldn't dream of burning it. Found another one without "tearducts" that I gave to Tiki A. Moaikingbird.

-Sweet Daddy T.
Because crap doesn't buy itself.


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He's great SDT! Thanks for posting him!
Seems kind of silly to have a 'collection' of one or two, but you have to start somewhere!
(I'm up to three black pie birds!)


here's my contribution to the thread..not sure they'll all weep, but they're nifty! (instant "collection of 3" from the big tiki score last week)

What a great thread! I never knew that my tiki candle was a tiki or that it was so popular! I bought mine at a thrift store and he's been burned down level with his eyes, but still inn overall good shape.

well, since this is a cool topic that I'm glad has been picked up again! Here is my personal tribute to the tiki object that started it all for me!


This guy cries too! Fun to watch!

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