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Gamera Meets Giant Tiki!

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In GAMERA VS MONSTER X, just released on DVD from Retromedia/Image Entertainment, a 100 foot tall tiki idol is stolen from a South Sea island by greedy Japanese entrepreneurs, incurring the wrath of aforementioned Monster X. In this surreal monsterama set amid Expo '70, MX knocks up our big turtle hero (!) and later Big G IMPALES MX in the forehead with the giant tiki statue! It's co-billed on the disc with MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET, which, despite its interstellar title, is also about monsters from a Pacific isle, with lotsa hula dancers. Recommended to fans of cheesy vintage monster flicks and cinematic tiki completists alike.

Man, if only they'd make an action figure diorama of that!

Man i love the gamera movies! thanks for the tiki siting update.

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