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Err...someone help her out, please:

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I do get some strange requests, but this one...I do not understand..?..!
Anyway, I do want to reply in earnest, (not just make jokes about "Saturday Tiki Fever" and "God save The Tiki"), it's just that that time period in movie musical history is not my bag, so if any of you could help out, please suggest:

Hope you can help!
I'm a dance instructor and recently got the "Skinny Dip with Don Tiki" CD. I'm anxious to use "The Natives are Restless" in a tap piece but can't fit the song into our concert "theme". We are using music from movies from 1977 to current. I've searched the web but can't find any movies that may have this type of music during that time frame. Do you have any suggestions? Can't wait to hear back from you...

Can someone help the gal? (...I can't help but imagine this to look like a Bollywood musical number)


Blue Lagoon? ; )

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