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New to the board....Intro

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Hello to all...
Just found this site and I am very stoked
I'm been into this Tiki scene for about
10 years now and lovin every minute of it..
I just started craving 3 months ago and just having a hard time finding Palm to make my
I'm also in a surf / punk band THE MYSTERIOUS KEYTONES and we have a 6ft tiki on stage with
glowing eyes oooooVery EVIL...
I alos build Hot Rods on the side and in a club called THEM!...bla bla bla I try to keep my self busy....I look foward to giving any
info on our crazy scene as well as learning
a much as I can....

Sven cool to have a place to chat with you!!

Welcome to the club, Bambooh!






From one Bamboo to another Bambooh,

Aloha & Welcome.


Bamboo to you too!

Pages: 1 4 replies