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The "Other" Oceanic Arts?

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Anyone know about this place? Ashtray seems kinda old.

Excellent map/query Bongofury!
You are definitely going to send the Tiki Miners on a special quest.
(I'm hoping the ashtray means the Bay Area /S.F.,CA.)
What’s great about California?
I am a freakin CA Native, and I am still learning about about this God Dam (Beautiful)State; and I love it!.

A Tiki Cheers To You

[ Edited by: Unga Bunga on 2004-01-15 21:26 ]

Ok- I'll start it off! According to a telephone exchange history group I found on the web, OLympic was indeed in the SF bay area. It served the Rockridge area of Oakland. So this place was located somewhere in Oakland in the 50's and early 60s.

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