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tiki/hawaiian dress store in west l.a.

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where can I go to get my wife a cool tiki / hawaiian dress that is on the west side??

What about her East Side?

OK, this is going to be vague, but there's a Vintage (used, old) Clothing shop on the West side of the main drag in Hermosa or Manhattan Beach (the road next to and parallel to the beach). I can't remember which 'cause I ride my bike past it down the path. It's the same town as "Aloha Cruz" but a little further north up the street and on the other side.

Does that help. If it does can you come over and clean my desk?

Or you can try "My Baby Jo" located in Palms on National (next to the Indonesian restaurant):


Welcome back Twowheelin!

The place Atomic is talking about is called Granny Takes a Trip, and is at 1411 Hermosa Ave. Just down from Aloha Cruz (maybe even next door?), there is an Aaardvarks, but Granny Takes a Trip is a better bet. Aloha Cruz has some dresses, and they're worth taking a look at... most of them are pretty pricey, but neat stuff. I actually got a fantastic dress there for only $30 or $40, an unusual steal.

I haven't explored stores on the Westside yet.

p.s. -- A warning to you... shopping for womens' vintage wear is a bit trickier than shopping for aloha shirts... it's not unlike looking for tiki mugs in thrift stores, it can take some time to find something cool. On eBay, the really interesting/cool dresses go for as much as the rarer mugs (I just paid $260 for a dress on eBay). You may want to take a stab at modern tropical wear. There's a Hilo Hattie in Orange, and if you want to drop some $$, you can take a look at Tommy Bahama. It's a bit too early for the spring lines to have come out in the department stores, but in a month or two you'll start to see "resort" wear everywhere.

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thanks for the tips, I found one at the hermosa general store that she loved.(have you seen the maniquins(female) outside with the great backsides, yikes!.

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