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Photo service other than shutterfly??

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I can't access Shutterfly because of adult content restrictions on the computer I use the most. What other similar services are there?
I need a "host" or whatever the term is so I can "post" pictures on Tiki Central. I was trying to share last nights bowling photos when I ran into this roadblock. Thanks for your help.

I heart Fotki, big time! WAAAAAAAY easier to use than Shutterfly. They have a free service with limited features, but the $30/yr is well worth it for the full package.



Or use the server space you get when you have an internet account and just FTP to your site.

I just joined Smugmug.com and it seems easy to learn and provides nice pics.

Try snapfish.com as well. I use them for many of the photos I post on Tiki Central.



On 2004-01-16 11:08, Sabu The Coconut Boy wrote:
Try snapfish.com as well. I use them for many of the photos I post on Tiki Central.


How does one go about getting a URL for a single photo in Snapfish? I figured it out in Shutterfly but I hate the way Shutterfly reduces the quality of my photos and crops some of them.

thejab wrote:
...I hate the way Shutterfly reduces the quality of my photos and crops some of them...

Jab, I looked at your postcards you had posted on this thread, and saw what I believe what you referred to as "cropped" pictures. It looks like somehow, someway, you have selected a white border on those pictures.

To correct that:
*Sign in on Shutterfly.
*Select the "album" where your picture is at.
*Select your picture.
*To the right of that picture there is a box that has a selection for Fix, Crop, Effects, and Borders. Select Borders.
*Under Borders, you will most likely see "White" border chosen. Select "No Border".
*Click on the "Details" button (above and slightly to the left of your picture) and confirm that "No Border" remains as your choice.
*Right-click that picture and scroll to "Properties". That 'address' is now the URL for your non-bordered picture.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help SCD, but it was when I selected "No border" that they were cropped to fit in the available space. I tried to undo it by reverting to the originals but that didn't work so I had to upload them again.


THANKS all-- Snapfish** BLOCKED
Smugmug--not blocked, $30 a year and up.

I just got $70 in parking tickets yesterday(my stupid mistakes). Not sure I wan't to pay for a fee service at this time. I might try poting them this weekend using a different computer.


Here are several more Photo sharing sites.
Some have 'premium" accounts available for a small charge but Basics is Free.
Some are totally free.https://www.dotphoto.com/join.asp
I know , "Too Many" choices may not help, but it may.
I Will test these out and post which ones work BEST , Hope it helps.

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Webshots won't let you link an image from their site anymore.


Sorry , did not know that, They used to be good and easy.Just a test

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Well I guess they do again I know it ain't Tiki it was just a test. I'll delete in in a minit

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