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Ono Hawaiian BBQ in Los Angeles

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I was driving down Santa Monica Blvd late last night and spotted this Hawaiian place:

Ono Hawaii BBQ
12113 Santa Monica Blvd (West of Bundy) Los Angeles, CA 90025

It was late at night (or early in the morning and NO, I wasn't looking for HOOKERS!) so it was closed

Just wondering if anyone has tried it.


" Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!"


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I have seen one of these somewhere else. I am not certain I remember where. In San Pedro, I think. But I have never been in it. I'll have to pop in when I go by it again.

There is a brief mention of other Ono's here, and I, like you, LOVE Spam misubi, and L & L Hawaiian still has a better misubi in comparison to Ono's. There is a brand new place here in HB called Tiki Hawaiian Barbecue. GREAT food, but will try the Spam misubi there next week and will report back as to its comparison to Ono, L & L, and The Loft Grill (all which are here in Huntington Beach). As far as decor in Tiki Hawaiian: just one lone tiki totem that looks like it was possibly from House of Tiki.

Even though we have four Hawaiian grills (The Loft, Ono, L & L and Tiki Hawaiian) all in Huntington Beach, each still remains to have its own unique flavor and specialty items on their menus.

We eat there all the time!

Here is their website:

Oh ya, P.M. me about the hookers.

A Tiki Cheers To You

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There's a plate lunch place in Glendale ,"Grindz", which is not too bad. They make a mean musubi with a whole slice of spam. But I still like the ones at "Back Home in Lahaina" better. Still have to try the "King's Hawaiian" musubi though.


The Loft in Torrance is a weekly dinner ritual. Back home in Lahaina is good too.

Here's all the Hawaiian restarants I know of in the Torrance - South Bay area:

The Loft
Hawthorne in Torrance

Back Home in Lahaina
Yukon Blvd in Torrance
(as of Jan 4th still closed for remodeling)

Island Grinds
On the 3rd Floor of the Best Western on Normandie in Gardena

King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant
Supulveda in Torrance

King's Hawaiian Cafe
Western in Torrance just off the 405 N exit

I'm aware of a restaurant called Bruddah's in Gardena, but I've never been there.


There's also Harry's Aloha Chop Suey in Gardena, but technically I think that's Chinese, in spite of the "Aloha" part.

#54 posted on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 9:26 PM

L&L Gardena. Check it out. This place is the smallest out of all the others but does the most business on the mainland.
Has anyone been to Bobs in Gardena? (not sure if it's in Gardena but close I think)I've heard it's the real deal.

Ive been to the Chopsuey place back in the day, I think they have different owner now. #54, where do you live?

#54 posted on Thu, Jan 22, 2004 9:56 PM

I live at Kinkos.

On 2004-01-17 11:49, Unga Bunga wrote:
Here is their website:

There is one in Pasadena, which I may go to tonight.
Very yummy.

There is one just down the street from the "Bahooka" in Rosemead,Calif.
and one here in Long Beach on PCH and 2nd St.

It is a fast Hawaiian food chain and is a bit better then the others I have tried
I like the Chicken Katsu myself.

Hey Chuck is the one on PCH & 2nd brand new? Are you thinking of Wahoos or L&L Hawaiian off of PCH & 7th? There is also one that i go to on Gaffey in San Pedro, which is the closest one to Long Beach that i know of. Ono grinds for sure!

Mongoloid, I will have to check my facts, I didn't eat at the LB one yet
I could swear it's an "Ono Hawaiian" its in that big center right off of PCH on the 405 side.
Actually it sounds pretty good about now, damn you! :lol:

Maybe we can get Doug or Stacey to pick us up some lunch?

Nice, they sell a great BBQ marinade (awesome for chicken) and spicy ketchup. Too bad I can only find them at a Japanese supermarket in Sacramento.

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