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a quick note here in the main discussion area to let you know that the TIKI TI print thread has been moved to the Creating Tiki section of our exotic board...

more over this is a note to let you know that all the arrangements have been made to ship the prints of the Tiki Ti image securely should you care to own one at long last.

ha d3 chichis made by the hand of the Mikes last night...yum yum yum...

MAHALO for your support and continued interest people!


miles, cant get through on your email, it keeps getting returned. check your pm, man


hello all

just a reminder that i am now ready to ship you YOUR Tiki Ti print...

i have finally implemented a system that'll protect your reproduction and speed your print to you while economizing the effort it takes to send payment...all you have to do is visit this web page


hit the paypal button that says "BUY NOW" this'll send you directly to a secure page with all the 411 i need to get you the correct edition...the only thing i'll need from you other than a payment and address to ship to is your TC ID so i can note your purchase on my list...

i've shipped 6 this week already and those people are bound to recieve in the next day if they haven't already...i am sending fed ex 2nd day delivery...you'll also recieve a collection of various beautiful island tunes old and new when you order your print...PERFECT for your next intimate swillfest!

the other option to compensate for the cost of the print is to send a check or money order to me at my house directly...in which case you'll HAVE to drop me an email with a request for my mailing address...

if you are opting to NOT endorse your previous election to acquire a reproduction...please let me know so that i can bump up the edition numbers for those that are still interested...you can send me an email or personal message notifying me of your decline or simply respond to this thread indicating such is the case...

MAHALO and ALOHA fellow Tiki Centralites...

i'm off to the tiki ti for a CHICHI!

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