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Just a small anouncement that I've finally got


up and started. Not really any written content, or serious design just yet, BUT I have put up a bunch of photo albums with snapshots from the last year or so from some of our Tiki travels. A little Mondo Tiki, a little Hukilau, some Exotica, a few of our local haunts, and some added locales.

Oh, and they'll slideshow to make it just a little easier on you! Just look for the 'slideshow' link in the upper right hand of each gallery.

Also, for anyone who'd been WAITING for us to get our pix up, here you go!

Also, since most of us won't be at the Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach this weekend, I've put up several Daytona Beach locales- both to help those who will be there, and as a tiny consolation for the rest of us- a micro virtual Hawaiian Inn and Daytona Beach trip.

I'll warn everyone in advance, this is not great photography- these are snapshots, not real documentation- other than the documenting of the moments we happened to be there (sometimes with Mai Tai in one hand and camera in the other!)

Eventually, I'll get some more recent pix of my bar up as well, but for now, have a little extra vacation in this long (for some folks) weekend, and a little extra warmth sent out to folks who just might need it bad right about now.

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SES posted on Sat, Jan 17, 2004 6:15 AM

They look great!

These are great photos. Thanks for showing them.

Great Hawaii Kai album.

Thanks Sabina!

I really appreciate just being able to have a look at all of these places!


Awsome pics! Thanks for sharing these with us.

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