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Tune in now to "Ghost and the Machine" featuring Otto Van Stroheim

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Tonite 12am-3am--NOW!

DJ Patrick Robinson and Otto von Stroheim are taking to the air this
Saturday (Sunday morning)
Sat midnight to 3 am
on KZSU, Stanford college radio 90.1 fm for the radio show Ghost in the

For those of you outside of the Bay Area you can catch the show via
streaming audio from http://kzsulive.stanford.edu/ using
several different formats (mp3, realaudio, windows media audio.)
also a webcam at http://www.kzsu.org/~dougm/testcam/

Playlists for the show will be posted at:

Also, for those of you in the Bay area we are having a party at our
Please RSVP and bring gifts of booze and exotic juices to keep
revelers in good spirits


Tiki News
2215-R Market Street #177
San Francisco, CA 94114


p.s. I'm not affiliated with Tiki News. Just enjoying the stream and thought others might enjoy also @;-).


Mystiki wrote:
...there's also a webcam...

Yup, I'd recognize Otto's face(?) anywhere!

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