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NEW! Tiki Central Search Improvements TEST

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Tiki Central has grown to the point where the Search function was just not cutting it. Searches that find stuff in long, multi-page topics were hard to use becuase although it was narrowed down to a topic, finding what you wanted inside of that topic was a challenge.

The new search function solves this! Now when you do a search, the results will take you only to the post in which the result was found. There is an icon and a message at the top to notify you that you're looking only at the search result. Also at the top you'll find a link to display the entire topic, if you're interested.

You can now use search to step through all your results one by one and read just the messages that contain the result.

Also, the search now defaults to "ALL" instead of "ANY", making most searches more accurate.

I just posted this, and I'm not 100% sure it is working correctly, so please do not hesitate to let me know if you discover problems with it.



[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2004-01-18 04:21 ]

works great! & is a real improvement. thanks hanford.

btw, why does it take so long to search? not so much complaining as just wondering.


It takes so long to search because it's searching every single word of over 68,000 posts!

To speed up a search, choose the specific forum you'd like to search rather than "search all forums". It will still take a while, but will be slightly faster.


hi hanford,

i have had trouble searching for a phrase - in google i put the term in "quotation marks" so i don't get only -quotation- or -marks- references ~ am i doing something wrong for tc phrase search?

thanks, j$

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