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UK Tiki-fest........we have a name!

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Last night Tiki Chris, Theandrewssister, their partners & in-laws, and yours truly
met up to choose the name for the Tiki bash to be held in London.

After much laughter, tears, Golden Coladas and a knifing incident, we came up
with a final name. Drumroll please.......and the name is.......

Tiki-stock 2002
(The Great Brit-Tiki piss-fest and London Luau)

We came within a whisker of calling it 'Oi-Tiki', but realised that we could suddenly
be faced with a room full of skinheads wondering why Martin Denny was being played
rather than The 4 Skins.

Thanks to all for the great suggestions. We went through them all, had a lot of personal
faves, but had to whittle it down to one that nobody had actually suggested! (Though
we managed to incorporate a number of them into the by-line).


Trader Woody


I love Tiki-stock...My mom used to make a bowl of it for me when I was sick.

Well, we came close to calling it Tiki Noodle Soup, but thought it too Jewish.

Trader Woody


The sheer elegance of my "Great Tiki Piss Fest" title made the cut. Well, into the subtitle at least. What can I say, I was inspired.
Regardless, I'm so very proud!

"Oi-Tiki" martin denny in a skin head style. Hmmm gonna have to noise up some local Oi skin head bands about that idea.

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