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Jardin Tiki/Coconut Motel/Howard Johnsons?

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I am proposing to amalgamate in a new thread a thought that seems to be scattered about the board - a Howard Johnson's Tiki Resort party weekend, along with a side trip to the Jardin Tiki Montreal, and the Coconut Hotel-Motel in Trois Rivieres, Quebec...

All in favour, say 'aye' (or 'eh!') and maybe we can get a plan together!

Did you guys ever go? Let me know if a Tiki meeting ever takes place there, I'll be there too!

No one has gone! I am still waiting to see if there is interest in such a venture....

You might be able to twist my arm...:lol:


Doesn't seem to be a whole lotta interest in this, but I thought I'd bump da thread anyway to catch the eyes of newer members...

Ms. Fish, I'd love to be able to attend, seeing as it is closer to me than anything else will ever be.
But with work and all, it may be difficult to do.
Give me a date when you decide and we'll try to make it.


Pages: 1 5 replies