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What's the skinny on Taboo: the Art of Tiki?

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I just tried to order it via Amazon and discovered that the book is unavailable. Anyone know of another way I can get my greedy hands on a copy?


try barnes n nobel: http://www.bn.com
there were a few listed used at http://www.bookfinder.com
i have NO idea why some copies (unsigned) are going for 60$!! there's one for 29 though.


Hi Fonduie,
I happen to have an extra copy (paperback, perfect condition). I owned one and then my wife got me one for the holidays. If you want, I'll sell it to you for cost.


Awww shucks MonkeyGod,
I KNEW someone here would pull through. I couldn't find the book anywhere. Not on the sites listed above, not even on Alibirs.
Thanks so much for offering me your extra copy. My E-Mail is [email protected].
And Thank You.


I would get a copy anyway you can and hold on to it.

Rumour has it a sequel is in the works..

It may seem illogical for an American to buy an American book from a British source, but there may be a copy or two left at:


Get it while you still can!

Trader Woody


Thanks everyone for your help. I finally found a copy at http://www.switchedongallery.com. The book is super! Thanks for helping me track it down.

Pages: 1 6 replies