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Hu Ke Lua, old pittsburgh tiki bar need info

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Hi there, I have searced the data base and couldnt find diddley.
I found a Highball style glass the is from the "Hu Ke Lua" "Resturaunt Cocktail Lounge, Pittsburgh PA", It has a red "wrap"(for lack of better terms) with yellow palm trees and a beach on it.
HAs anyone else out there come across these? Does anyone have any info on this place, IE where was it?
I've looked in the phone book and had no luck there.
thanks alot
ps-The wife and I are going to go on a hunt for Chinese resturaunts that have been around in search of "Forgoten Tiki".
As well as older bartenders who still know how to mix a good drink.

Great! NEVER heard of this place. Just like 'Alberg Tropical Plant Rental".

I mean I am sorry I can't help out on these, but simultaneously it is great to have places unearthed that were off the map until now.


oh yeah I've got one of those too.. its a tall glass with a red and yellow screen of a palm tree-

you can see it here:

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I also have this glass -- won it on eBay...
The seller informed me that Hu Ke Lau was in the North Hills... that's as much info as I have.



You could try contacting the advertising department at the Pittsburgh paper and seeing if they have any archives they could search for ads the place might have run.

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