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Anyone been to Kon Tiki in Shreveport, LA?

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Has anyone seen this place? There is no mention in the Locating Tiki forum. I got the listing from Tiki Road Trip and called it tonight; they say they have plain glasses with the name of the place and a variety of unmarked tiki mugs. I couldn't much of a description of the mugs or the decor though.

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I was there years ago- it is pretty non descript in a little strip mall. Basically a chinese restaurant. I dont remember seeing any tiki mugs.. but maybe they have some Dynasty stuff now.

I remember the font work over the door looked pretty cool though- making me think it was probably a sweet tiki spot at one point in time..

Thanks for the report. When I called and asked about tiki mugs I had to explain what they were; the woman who answered finally transfered me to a guy who said they had a few different shapes of tiki mugs but he didn't have any terminology to describe them. He did seem to recognize the name "Dynasty" when I asked him if they came from there. He thought they probably did. Shreveport has some good cemetery sculpture and some great googie signs so I may take a photo roadtrip there anyway this year.

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This place has been closed for a few years but I found a fun matchbook and am wondering if this place had any association with the Stephen Crane Kon Tiki, if so he has a lot of explaining to do to Kahiki.

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