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I'll be near Disney for just one day, any must see Tiki there? Staying at the Grosverner on the 31st and won't have a car so it need be local I guess.

I worked for Disney for a few years, and I grew up there, so I know the area pretty well. Of course the Polynesian and Adventureland, you know that already. The Bamboo Room near the corner of 192 and 535 in Kissimmee is sometimes neat. And of course my mind is drawing a blank.


McDougall, just take a WDW bus to the Polynesian hotel, get an adult beverage from the bar by the pool, and take a walk around the hotel property.

Not Tiki but still very cool is the Adventurer's Club at Disney's Pleasure Island. It's themed as a 1930's private club for Explorers and is populated with improv actors who interact with the patrons, and the building itself is full of antiques, old photos, and a lot of trickery/secret stuff. It is very well done. Not for everyone but it is a very, very fun bar if you like bad puns and physical gags. And drinks.


Oh yeah, Pleasure Island is within staggering distance of the Grovnsor, just cross through Downtown Disney and over to all the Search Lights. Pleasure Island is 25 bucks to get in, then you can go to all their bars for free (or just drink in the street). Every bar at Pleasure Island I've been to were total meat markets except for the Adventurer's Club, which is more of a "couples bar" without the loud music. Just loud Adventurers.

Given the choice to hang out at the bar at the Polynesian hotel and the Adventurer's Club, I would definitely choose the Adventurer's club. it's just that it's not quite tiki.


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And you get to hear their version of the Homer Simpson "Doe, A Deer" inspired Beer song!
"Dough, the stuff to buy my beer
Ray, the guy I buy beer from
Me, the guy I buy beer for..."
You get the point.
I knew a few of the actors back in the day and they did that bit a lot.


The Liki Tiki (timeshare) resort has gaggles of Wayne's tiki's scattered around the property and their mini water park has tiki barstools at the snack bar.It's off 192 west of I-4 if I remember correctly.

Rain posted on Fri, Jan 23, 2004 9:03 AM

in addition, if you want to go the cheesy route - tiki island adventure golf is near the corner of i drive and sand lake. it's fun and usually has a few tiki farm mugs in the gift shop.

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