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vacation Village, san diego?

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When I was younger, our family used to go to a very cool hotel, that was tropical themed..in fact, the whole place was on an island in Mission bay, and featured island style bungaloes....

recently, I tried to search for it, and came up empty..does anyone know what happened to this place? what replaced it?

I do remember that it had a pretty cool tiki bar, that allowed children to sit in it, accompanied by parents.


You don't mean the Islandia Hotel on Mission Bay do you? That place is pretty cool. I don't know if there was a tiki bar there though. There's also some bungaloes on the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach that you can rent (within walking distance of about a hundred bars too).

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Vacation Village is now Paradise Point.

Note that it is located on Vacation Road. (Also, my parents went in the 60s when it was Vacation Village).

AlnShelly: Very cool photographs and great tiki find. I walked all over Paradise Point when I stayed there and never saw the tiki.

Sadly, the Barefoot Bar and its sand are gone in favor of a mid-priced eatery, as opposed to Baleen, which is more elegant with table cloths, etc., and prices to match.

The Catamaran Hotel is another good one.

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