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tiki trader in print again

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I was looking at the new issue of Better Homes and Gardens today. I came across an article on turning your yard into Bali? Anyways there giving out product suggestions and were you can buy them. To complete this look, you need a carved tiki from.........Tikitraders.


Too bad you'd never get it or your money back. There goes my dream of turning my backyard into Bali.

I was surprised to read the previous post. Does anyone know what the story is with Tiki Traders? I sent them an order for some Tiki mugs last June and I never received the mugs, heard from Tiki Trader, or got my check back. I sent them the same order AGAIN last July. I wonder if I will receive the Tiki mugs.


All the meat & potatoes are in the thread 'Tiki Trader Trickery'. You can probably guage by the thread title the chances of you getting your mugs.....

Good luck, though.

Trader Woody

Trader Woody,
Thanks for the info and the luck.I ordered the mugs from Bosko/Trader Dutch. They were very accomodating.

The best to you,

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