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Late February visiting Ft. Lauderdale and MAI KAI -suggestions?

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Hi all,

My friend and I are visiting Fort Lauderdale the third weekend in February, and she and I are going to visit the Mai Kai Friday or Saturday night. Perhaps we may run into some of you there! At any rate, we are staying at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper hotel right on the beach. Is the Mai Kai far from there? Also, what would you recommend us doing other than the Mai Kai? We thought of a day in Miami (distance?), but we figure Lauderdale must have some wonderful spots of its own. Any suggestions much appreciated. Hope to hear from, and maybe meet up with, some of you.

I'd love to meet you at the Mai-Kai! Any excuse to get over there is good by me. If you're looking for a nice 'tropical' experience on Saturday or Sunday following your escape from the chilly Northeastern Corridor, you might want to head down to Miami to see the Fairchild Gardens. If I'm not tied up I can get you in for free since I have a membership. Fairchild Tropical Gardens are the largest tropical gardens on the mainland, and it's pretty spectacular. Otherwise, you can do a Billy Swamp Safari and go see the alligators - they're big, ugly, and don't smell real good, but if you're into big reptiles they can be exciting. Drop me a line at [email protected], and I'll try to get you more info.

I, too, recommend the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. They contian a rainforest garden, some wonderfully exotic palms and is a truly enjoyable experience.

There are fine Florida style tiki bars at the National, Richmond or the Delano hotels on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, alfresco between the pool and the ocean.

What kind of things are you interested in seeing? The options (and correlating distances) are endless.

Hi there,

Thanks for the responses. I will tell my friend what some of your suggestions are. Still not sure what exactly we want to do beside Mai Kai, but just being in sun and warmth is enough for me :) Will keep you posted. Take care.

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