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Canadian eh?

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Just wanted to see how many other canucks were out there.


Born in Calgary, raised in Edmonton, moved to Van 1990.

:), em.

Edmonton resident here (since 1961). Calgary is starting to get well represented (relatively) -- I think you're about the 4th Calgary TC member. You won't get any of that bogus "Battle of Alberta" stuff from me -- the more the merrier. Welcome.

Born in Saskatchewan. Livin' in Calgary for about ten years now.

Hey, Speaking of which,
Em, Sweet daddy, and Newto;
Did you guys see the auction selling the box of 50 Beachcombers' match books on e-bay? It has a Calgary and Victoria address inside each book (in addition to the Edmonton address). There was once a Beachcomber restaurant in Calgary! Blows me away.

Hey, if one of you wins that auction, I'd be happy to buy a book of matches off of you (for a reasonable fee of course)


Oh oh, Emma One Shoe is back! and misidentifying mugs again

I won't be buying the matchbooks because I can barely scrape together the mortgage payments right now, but it's interesting to see that there was a Beachcomber in Calgary and Victoria -- I had no idea. There was also a Beachcomber in Winnipeg that had the same logo, so likely part of the same chain.

Been a bit occupied lately, but I am from Winnipeg, now in Vancouver~!

Calgarian here... Jeez, at this rate, we could have a getogether at Bamboo that would actually be worthwhile :)



I'm an Honorary Canadian. My wife is from Toronto, and if I had my druthers, that's where we'd be right now. I want Reid's Dairy, Aero Bars, Manderin Buffet, Poutine & Double Double wedges and wings!

I'm from Toronto.

Errr, that's it for now.


Welcome to TC

I'm from Victoria - born and raised...

A Beachcomber in Victoria!!??

Boy would I love to have one of those matchbooks! Or maybe at least find out more about that location.
I heard that there was a Kon Tiki here at one point, still looking for info on that one.


Holymotheragod, emma one shoe! My nemesis. I knew she still had stuff that never got any bids, she was just biding her time. I won't be going for anything she offers either, I have a nice collection of Beachcomber-abilia and I won't pay her prices.

Anyway welcome all Canuck TCers - still a couple to weigh in yet...


she seems kind of nuts...

ya, they used those bamboo mugs at the beachcomber, even though the picture she shows is of a clear one!


tisk tisk


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