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Tiki God sighting in San Clemente

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A new coffee shop/bagel place called the Grass Shack just opened in San Clemente with a cool giant carved Tiki out front! He's a big ol' fella! If you're in the area, exit 5 fwy at El Camino Real, go right and keep an eye out about 100+ yards or so on the right.

Yes, I am posting a reply to the 1+ year old post by SmogBreather.

So, has anyone seen this place?
Anyone tried the food?
Is it still in business?
Any idea as to who did the tiki?

Ok, I was starting to get a little bored with the current posts, so I'm bringing up old ones.


It rings a bell, so it must have been mentioned in James' book. I don't remember it saying much about it, though.

ETA: Just checked James' book, and sure enough, it's on p. 69 -- the entry is practically a direct quote of Holden's post!

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Yeah, as far as I know the Bagel Shack is still there. Typical San Clemente place(good thing). Laid back people and good food. I like the bagel breakfast sandwiches. Fresh juce and great coffe. I first heard about this place from a fried of mine that lives across the street. I know what you mean about the posts SCD.

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