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Tiki mana refuses to be commercialized, or so it seems

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Just got this link from Otto:


HA! Is this the END of the Tiki trend!?

Not really, because it has not really happened yet. The growth is too slow for the fast buck makers. It is too complex for the one track minds (just look at today's AOL startpage babbling about Tikis and then having no satisfying reference to offer).

It's fascinating to me to watch how different industries try to get ahold of Tiki and get frustrated because it doesn't deliver the expected "trend" revenue. In my opinion, Tiki will take it's own time, and do it in it's own way, hopefully through THE PEOPLE.

Now that is funny!
The insinuation is that Tiki has somehow ruined all their future 'Celebrations'......one bad apple has spoilt the party!

Trader Woody


What's even funnier is when you visit the link, there's a banner ad at the top of the page from Nestle, promoting a contest to win a trip to Hawaii. What's in the picture? A TIKI!!! He's even the contest spokesman. Put that in your hooka and smoke it, Red Robin!

~ tikigreg

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When will these guys learn. The power of the TIKI lives with in ones soul. To love an enjoy the life style and not make a fast buck.


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Thanks to Sven for turning "it" back into a culture rather than a fad.
p.s. maybe one their "marketing gods" took a piece of "pele" off the "Island's" some time back and it just now caught up with him.

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i'm not sure i'd want a "Aki Aki Teriyaki Chicken Burger"

Is Red Robin really a gourmet burger place?? Aren't they streaching that a bit??

mahalo and 135 to you all!

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I'm not a big fan of modern chain restaurants. Chains like Applebee's, T.G.I.F., Chili's, Spoon's, Red Robin, Bennigan's and the like are rather homogenized. I'll go if a crowd is meeting there or Mom wants to go to lunch or something but they are not my first choice. They're not awful, just repetitive and dull. When I read the Red Robin Tiki thread on TC I went and got a Maitai at Red Robin that night. A good many Tiki Centralites visited RR as well. I think many of you share my distaste for corporate food. I think it's ironic that a failed Tiki promotion and Shag menus got many off us to go to a place we normally would not be caught dead in.

I didn't even get to experience the homogenous food...over 30 minutes and no one came to take our food order...never even got our drinks before we left in disgust. Perhaps if they focused on service they would be more successful, but they don't seem willing to do that.
There are exceptions, however. The local Chili's is very good, even if their drink specialty is the Margarita.

Funny article. I just love reading suit monkey speak-so many numbers!

The somewhat anti-establishment, anti-conformist sentiments being expressed here are certainly refreshing. If enough of us get together, the sports bars are doomed!

I was contacted by red robin way back when, when they were putting that thang together(as I am sure many others were too). They wanted us to do mugs for them, which we would of been force to have had them made in china.
We would have made some nice money, though in the end they did not work with us.
Would I have been happy with the money? Yes
would I have been happy with what I had done? No.
In the end I am glad it didnt work out, better things will come, and I didnt have to sell my soul.


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