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Disturbing Tiki Room news from Disneyland

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I just read this at http://www.mouseplanet.com. Has anyone heard anything about this recently?

Tiki Terror
In a recent letter to cast members, Disneyland Resort President Matt Oiumet wrote, "Audio-animatronics have come a long way since the Enchanted Tiki Room opened, and a rehab is coming this fall to refresh the show. But if you want to find a little piece of the magic today, I encourage you to see it right away."

These comments have Tiki Room fans concerned. Some interpret the letter to mean that the Disneyland attraction would receive the same type of "rehab" that resulted in the horrid "Under New Management" show at Walt Disney World. The attraction is scheduled to close in September and reopen in November. Only time will tell if we get our original show back, or some "modern" Britney- and Jessica-inspired version.


thank you for this information. i have not been there in years, and grew up with the tiki room. my fiancee moved here from georgia and has not experienced it, so i think a trip will be in order.
thank you again
doh, thanks dawntiki, dont know how i missed it the frst time around

Aloha kaua

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According to Al Lutz at Miceage.com, the Tiki Room rehab is not going to be the Florida WDW/undernew management show.(This Al lutz guy seems to know alot of stuff. Maybe he's the Sven of this site?).

I spent some time reading the Disney boards and articles. Seems that Dole came in and was slightly pissed that the Tiki room was in poor shape. Maybe thats why they cut that Jackaranda tree back from hanging down on the front, repainted the masks on the wall, and the reason for the 2 month closure in Sept of 2004.

Let's all hope for a better Tiki room, not a different tiki room.

Erich Troudt

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