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TikiMaxtons at Tiki Ti!

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The TikiMaxtons of Castaway Cove are planning a trip to LA in February and would love to hook up with SoCal TCers at Tiki Ti. We'll be there Friday, February 6 around 8ish I'm thinking.

So who might be available to join us?

Sounds good to me! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

-Weird Unc

Mark! E-mail me, you guys have to come by my house before, it's in the neighbourhood!

Bigbro! I sent you a PM - don't have your email address, but we'd LOVE to come see you!

hope to make it

I'll be there!

I'll try very, very hard to be there. One way or another I wanna see you guys!

Humuhumu - do you still have my cell phone number? The 971 area code? If not contact me offlist so I can give it to you. I'll have very spotty access to email during my trip so I'll need to coordinate by phone.

Lady V and i will try to be there, Fridays ars hard for us to get out

I think I can manage a trip to the Tiki Ti....


I can confirm that I'm in for Friday @ Tiki-Ti. I've got your cell #, mine is (206) 349-1362. There's a Gary Baseman show opening that night just down the street at La Luz, would you guys have any interest in that? How long will you guys be in town?

Can't wait to see you!

I think I might be able to make this one. Hopefully, I'll see all y'all there...

Tiki Ti is a good time...
I stopped in with friends while traveling through Hollywood over the summer. Pants are optional...

Tiki Ti on a Friday--get there early it's gonna be crowded!


looks like i am going to miss out after all. have a cold that started thursday morning and my head weighs about 800 lbs. sorry to miss out, hope to meet you folks another time.


Man, last night was a blast! And what a turnout, I'm so glad that so many folks got to meet the TikiMaxtons, they're great fun. I've got some pics on my camera, but it'll take some time to sift out the PG-13 ones. I'll post some later today.

I feel bad I missed out! I spent the day doing demolition work in back yard, then took an afternoon nap... woke up at 9pm...!

I'm sure the TikiMaxtons were shown the finest in Hoiti Toiti hospitality!

I got taunted with s phone call from the TC peeps that were there. " Danny, where are you? I bought you a Ray's Mistake and am drinking it in your honor, and I'm smoking a Cohiba and and and...." Yet I was driving back from ventura in my smelly truck dirty from a long day of log collecting with our buddy tiKi tOnY. Sorry I missed it too.

What fun time that was! TikiMaxton it was an honor to finally meet you, Maggie and the others (don't remember their names...). Hey, next time I'm in Portland, I wanna come by the Castaway Cove. Don't worry, I'll bring "something for the bar."

So very nice to meet you TikiMaxtons. My brother live in Portland, which I plan on visiting sometime this year. I will definitely have to check out the Castaway Cove with my brother. And Humuhumu, have fund editing and deleting!

What a blast! Big huge mahalos to all the Hoity Toities who came out to see us! Sven, we'll definitely make more time to come by your place next time. Pop, remember that you have family in Portland! Humuhumu, we couldn't have asked for a better ambasador to the LA TC crowd. And I want some of those pg13 pics of you and the girls! WierdUnc - we gotta get a Monterey dive expedition together this spring, and I'd be blown away if the band could hit the cove this summer. Everybody! Thanks for all the hugs and good wishes and the warm welcome - you made us feel like rock stars! I'll post my pics as well, soon as I get home. As always, you'll all be welcomed with open arms if you can get yourselves to Portland. Thank you so much!


Whew! It took longer than I thought it would to organize my pictures. I never thought in a million years I'd say this, but too many boobies! The pics left are pretty family-friendly now.

Here's our Rock Star Guests of Honor, the TikiMaxtons (apparently I caught him in mid-rock):

King Kukulele, TikiMaxton, Polynesian Pop & PiPhiRho:


Rick & Arunis(sp?):

Me & Polypop (like the new hair?):

Me, Cheekygirl & Floratina:

Me, Charlie & PiPhiRho:

Toro! Toro! Toro!

You know the drill... the rest of the pics are here!

Thanks for posting pics Humu2.
I like the new do....fits in great with the LA scene.

SES posted on Sun, Feb 8, 2004 1:05 PM

Great photos! Almost like being there...ALMOST... :wink:

thanks for sharing with the east coast people...


Man im bummed i missed everything, utopiandreem kidnapped me for the weekend.

Too dang bad I don't have a better hall-pass!, but I had to get back to the better half and missed some cool folks. But at least I got to see pop and tina, 2 major players in MY BAR once again!. Peace out. TWT

Pics finally up! Check 'em out at:

What a blast! Thanks again for coming out, everybody!

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