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Arrgh! #%#&@$! Bigbro's TC party, NOT!

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It is my sad duty to inform the assembled rum runners that due to the freelance nature of my profession (cinematography) it does very much look like I suddenly will have to work overseas for the next two months!
So NO Tiki Central party at my pad, NO appearence at Bamboo Ben's, (and the way I know film shoots which ALWAYS run behind), probably NO Tiki Farm!!!

Buuuaaaaaaahhhhh! I wanna do both: Make the money in Hamburg, and do the parties in California!
I am sorry kids, especially for Mig and Frenchy who just happened to be in town, and not to meet Hanford, and not to be awash in rum (I will lift one or two in Hamburg's sailor bars).

I will get some presigned books to Bamboo Ben's, and some videos. And I have to halt the mail order of the video for a while. All orders already on their way will be taken care off, but the rest of you has to wait til October

I actually have to be gratefull, the gig just came in the nick of time, all I would have been left with on September 1st would have been one big rum hangover (and sweet memories)...



Bummer! is right, but I'm happy for your good fortune, Sven.

"Another time, another place."

We'll catch up with you later down the road.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Uncle Arty

Congrats on the new project Big Bro. We still have a tiki for you, so let me know when and where.

Hey Sven - how about a TikiCentral Xmas Party? :) Everybody brings a bottle of rum AND a tiki tree-trimming - that would be something to make a special trip for. I should be a lot closer then anyway - I'm trying my darndest to be employed and move to San Francisco by October... which, by the way - and not to shamelessly network - does anybody out there need or know someone who needs a tiki-friendly graphic design and production diva? Those crazy CA tiki crawls are at least 30% of why I want to move!


Sorry we will miss you for your birthday, but happy the gig worked out for you. Been on the "catch as catch-can" type of scene before to. Hope everything goes well for you.


Just name the time and plce, and I'll be there for your next soiree.
On a side note ( the whole who Sven reminds everybody of thing ) I just saw an old film with Robert Mitchum, where he plays an american destroyer captain, pitted against a german uboat commander. I don't know who the actor is playing the commander, but I swear there some Sven in his delivery! I could see Sven in Das Boot II.

Happy Bummer

May you return with pockets bursting with money. We'll keep our rum bottle on the bar for when you return.

Bon voyage et bonne chance (good luck), Sven!

From Vintage & Atomic :drink:

Have a safe trip Sven.



I'm curious to know about your project in Hamburg. Can you tell us what you will be working on?



On 2002-08-12 11:33, martiki6 wrote:
I'm curious to know about your project in Hamburg. Can you tell us what you will be working on?

Nothing special, just your average solid family entertainment, a German TV comedy (a contradiction in terms?), 24 shooting days.

Even though I am in a wonderful profession, it's not all glamour, there are those "job" jobs.
BUT they fly me in, put me up in a nice Hotel, and I get to see my folks, AND my German girlfriend, while making my rate, Can't beat that. It's too hot In LA the next two months anyway.


In other words,

Der Fuhrer of Falernum has forsaken you for der foxy fraulein.


Fishtique, I am amazed: Your German is as good as your Japanese Engrish!

And off course I have not forsaken you, it is just a postponement. In the meantime, for the mini version of my museum, see my post under >Tiki Events>SHAG>

Also, big brother WILL be watching over you, thanks to my trusty ORANGE I-book!

Aha! Another MAC-TIKI. Glad to hear it - fight the power, Bigbro... :)

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