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The Blue Hawaii - Nashville, TN

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I found this description on the Internet and nothing in Tiki Road Trip or anywhere else. It was following a discussion of the Omni Hut and other places, which leads me to believe this is legit and not the mad ravings of an idiot. Anyone know anything about it?

"In the 60s-70s Nashville had the best tiki place I've ever seen called The Blue Hawaii. The front end of the parking lot was
guarded by two 35 foot tall tikis! At night they were lit with orange and
red lights and used to scare the bejeesus outta me when I was a tyke... They
had a "volcano" inside that belched dry ice fog and was also lit from the
inside with red and orange lights...It went under, sat vacant for a few
years then became a Chinese place called Golden Dragon...They tore down all
of the tiki stuff and painted the outside bright red and yellow....it was


It was at 94 White Bridge Rd, according to my information. I've seen a couple of references to that place before, including the one you quoted.

Hmmm, I remember Eli Hedley did a place in or around Nashville...that would be an Oceanic Arts or Bamboo Ben question:

94 White Bridge PIKE is the location of a Chinese restaurant. So ... there may be some tiki elements left!

Golden Dragon Restaurant
(615) 356-4558
94 White Bridge Pke
Nashville, TN

Here's what Fodors says:

" ... Asian-themed dining room at this western Nashville spot ... "


" ... The decor--think Buddha statues, Chinese lanterns and vinyl-covered booths--is decidedly pedestrian. Off to one side is a rarely used, green marble bar for those who want to try one of the restaurant's 14 exotic specialty drinks. But the main attraction is the large buffet in the center of the room. Service is steady, and the waitstaff is good about keeping drinks filled ... "


I've got a couple of mugs marked Blue Hawaii, but was never sure where that was located. Seems like there would be a postcard out there somewhere of a place that dramatic.

When you think, Nashville...Elvis...Blue Hawaii... it starts to make sense.

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My sister says there are a couple of Golden Dragons, but she lives near the correct one. I'll drop by when I visit her again, and maybe ther is a trace. A giant Maoi pedestal, a faded spot where a mask was...

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