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Tiki-Tiki, Richmond, VA, Richmond, VA (restaurant)

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Iolani posted on Mon, Feb 2, 2004 3:35 PM

Name:Tiki-Tiki, Richmond, VA
Street:8917 Patterson Ave

I don't know much about this place and am posting in hopes of finding out more. I think it's listed in Tiki Road trip with no description. And I have spent some time in west end Richmond, but never discovered this Polynesian den. It's still listed on a couple of actively updated Richmond dining and entertainment sites so it may still be open. You can see scans of their illustrated menu here: http://www.billofare.com/1335u02.htm - a good menu and nice selection of drinks and mugs. Looks like it's worth a trip down to Richmond. Emails have been sent out to my RVA friends to get some info on this place and hopefully I will be able to add more.

Any of ya know anything about this place?

Iolani posted on Thu, Feb 5, 2004 7:33 AM

Here's the update from my Tiki recon force in Richmond:

"Tiki Tiki is alive and well. I drove past it last night, and the parking lot was fairly full of cars. I was also excited to see that the exterior still has the big tiki masks. Can't wait."

Don't know its classification, yet, but it's apparantly been around since at least the early 80s.

Hoping to have time to sample their drinks before the Hank Williams III show on 20 Feb.


In July, my girl and I got to Tiki-Tiki for a visit. The drinks were terrific, served in mugs, and a fair variety. The food we cannot speak to, as we only had a fiery pu-pu platter due to a very late lunch. Here are some photos from 2005...

The front side...

Bit of the menu, their signature drink:

An unusual lamp - the bulk of the restaurant was a busy Chinese restaurant, and as such I was trying to be unobtrusive in my photography. The TIPSY factor is fairly low:

Orchids knockoffs were what our drinks came in, not unlike the late, lamented Honolulu of Alexandria, VA:

And TIKI-TIKI at night:

All in all, worth the stop. Also, the neighborhood of Carytown had some really cool shops. One even had some Tiki Farm merchandise, and some other random items such as a tiki head bicycle horn! Since it squeaked like a pet toy, we didn't purchase it - need more of a bell in the DC area.



We have a slight update on the Tiki Tiki having just passed through Richmond last month. Oaktiki and I had been trying to get down to check this out for about forever, and I'm awfully glad we finally did!

The food was truly a feast, fresh and yummy and the drinks were well crafted. I tried both a Mai Tai, and the house specialty- the Tiki Tiki, which came in a small bowl Otagiri Harvey's style bowl. The bowl was clearly 'well loved' chipped etc, but I this was the point where the bartender had me smiling, because they weren't willing to take the bowls out of commission, a proper drink comes in the proper vessel. And the Tiki Tiki (the drink that is) was GOOD!

I should note, we were there in the afternoon on a weekday and while the restaurant part was just barely beginning to see patrons, the small bar near the back was bustling! I had read in one of the VERY FEW reviews online that the Dr. Funk of Tahiti was well known locally as being well done and strong- their mixology seems to have a bit of a reputation. Had it not been so busy, I would have wandered back and tried to get a little bit of the history, but that's for another trip or another explorer at this point.

Two things really struck me; first one being I had only ever seen pictures head on directly aimed at the front of the Tiki Tiki, which made it appearer tiny. So I made a point of taking some side view pix- the building goes back and back, and is actually quite sizeable.

And secondly, although the TIPSY factor was very low- (Weird, considering the place IS named Tiki Tiki!) The one Tiki I did see (and yes there may have been others hiding or far more subtle, we didn't get to explore much) was very well cared for. The entire place was incredibly evocative of all the things I like best about some of the best Tiki Temples- it was dim and 'exotic' everything was delicious, the service was wonderful, care and craft were clearly shown in all the details, and if I closed my eyes and squinted just a little out of the corners of my eyes I kept feeling like I was surrounded by classic Tiki elements- like floats, there were none, but they were suggested by the rice paper lanterns with colored bulbs. It FELT classic Tiki without having the usual external cues (like Tikis!) I can't explain it, but I definitely felt it.

By the end of the meal, although we were not regulars, we felt very welcomed. I highly recommend it- just don't go expecting Mai Kai like decor to be hidden inside- it has a Tiki vibe all its own- and it sneaks up on you, in the little things.

So, on to the pix-

and finally a stitched together composite made from a series of photographs we took-

I've put a full gallery up here- http://www.sevenpleasures.org/gallery/view_album.php?page=1

Enjoy! And if someone else goes, please, let me know what you think. Also, if anyone can identify the origins of the Tiki on the outside of the building- carver or manufactuer, and rough time period, i'd be very interested. I believe our waiter said the Tiki Tiki was somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, although I may be very wrong, I meant to write it down and my recollection between the trip and now is a bit fuzzy, perhaps I should just blame the Mai Tai and leave it at that.


Excellent review you guys... Me and the wahini will prolly check that place out...
Hey Oaktiki - nice pics! Thanks!

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I am going to have to plan a weekend road trip down to Richmond.


My Wife & I spent the weekend in Richmond @ the National Folk Festival which happen to have a native Hawaiian dance group which was excellent. Saturday night went to the Tiki-Tiki for food & drinks. The place was fairly easy to find, but really SMALL in size the photos make it look larger. The pic showing the colored lanterns is in front of a mirror. The bar area is also very SMALL almost like a home bar in size & the Chinese food was so-so. BUT the drinks were terrific! I had a Zombie which IMO was as strong as the Jet Pilot @ the Mai-Kai. Prices were slightly higher than the photo menu posted, but still under $5.00 a drink which is pretty good. So all in all we would go again on the basis of the Tiki drinks offered. So if your in the area check it out for some Tiki rocket fuel & prepare for blast off!!!



On 2006-03-15 19:36, Sabina wrote:
The entire place was incredibly evocative of all the things I like best about some of the best Tiki Temples- it was dim and 'exotic' everything was delicious, the service was wonderful, care and craft were clearly shown in all the details,...It FELT classic Tiki without having the usual external cues (like Tikis!) I can't explain it, but I definitely felt it.

So, on to the pix-

On 2005-08-18 18:20, rupe33 wrote:

Bit of the menu, their signature drink:

Wow, Sabina's review and pics got me revved up to visit Tiki-tiki on our next visit out that way. It looks quite lovely.

AND Holy Moly, the prices are reasonable -- for a quality cocktail at that!! Convinced once again that costs are double to triple out here on the West Coast. Thanks for sharing. We'll hit it on our next trip to the area!

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The staff @ Tiki-Tiki is very friendly, forgot to mention got two complimetary Apple Martini's from our waiter with the fortune cookies both of which I chugged on top of the Zombie. I was smashed!!!


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