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tiki bar build plans

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I want to build a covered tiki bar in my back yard. Does anyone have build plans or know where to find them?

[ Edited by: lima8bean on 2002-08-11 22:05 ]

My best suggestion is to search on Google, etc., for "Tiki Bar" or something similar and study the pictures for inspiration. There is a website called Taboo! that is the best set of Tiki links out there, bar none (no pun intended). You'll find plenty of links for inspiration, supplies and decoration.

plans? plans?
You dont need no stinkin plans!
Mix up a pitcher of Mai Tai and let the mind create!
That used to be on the instruction papers for when we used to sell tiki bars in parts for assembly.

Ben is right!

The thought of a CAD produced tiki bar is the antithesis of tiki. The very materials that make the typical tiki bar are not extruded from a mold with perfect dimensions, but rather are produced by nature itself. Like man, imperfections and all.

Tiki should be a free flow of thought and idea.

I suggest stepping back and looking at the area you want your tiki bar to occupy. Visualize it, walk around it, mix a drink in it.

Constuction is nothing more than common sense in action. Gather your materials and begin!

It will be a fantastic tiki bar!

To a 'Tribe Called Tiki' - Aloha Oukou!

[ Edited by: Tiki_Bong on 2002-08-13 09:22 ]

I have angered the Tiki Gods! I have no excuse! So, I'm mixing a pitcher of drinks and going outside to fihure out how to put a roof on those 4 poles in the ground. Ahmmmmmmmmmm

Don't worry if you can't pull it off. I'm sure Homo Dopot will have classes real soon on how to build a tiki bar. Arggggggggg! But, it won't be a Bamboo Ben tiki bar!!!!( at least one - five custom a week!!!)
Or, a "personalized" tiki bar, all thought up and built on your own!! Bong you must write for my website!!!! You rule!! It's all about decorations!!!!!Semi structure for the do it your selfer and decorate the crap out of it! Ideas come every 30 seconds for me, you just have to kick it like Bong said, get some materials and go to town. Once you go tiki bar, you never go back!

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