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Moai Going To MIT!

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Checked my email this morning, and found I had received a message from a Professor at MIT, stating that he had noticed I was selling Moai on eBay, could I give him the exact dimensions and weight, and would it be possible to purchase 12 or more. I replied that I only had 5 at the moment, but could Cast as many as he needed within the next week. So, he bought the 5 I had, and gave me a little more info:
"Matt, I'm sorry about the 'latish' reply, I was in between meetings all evening.
I just got back home to your great email. We will in fact be using the statues
for the capstone design subject for undergraduate civil engineers. We are not
100% sure on the project itself, but it should be along the lines where the
students try to find ways in which the statues were transported and constructed
on site at the time! It should be fun, and I'll keep you posted."

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SES posted on Wed, Feb 4, 2004 6:44 PM

Hah! That is great! Make sure he sends some photos for you!


Here's hoping your Moai can teach something to MIT....Way to go


Well, Mulloy, Heyerdahl, Routlidge, and Meziere couldn't figure it out with real Moai, maybe these MIT hacks can crack the case with models. :wink:

Anyway, congrats on the sale!

Way to go Badmojo Bro!!
Molding our future achievers to tiki.

A Tiki Cheers To You

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Update: While I never heard back with any info as to how the original study went, they contacted me again yesterday to inquire about purchasing more for another go. Seems the students may have kept them all as souvenirs. Hopefully this time they'll share some of their findings.


MIT. Those are some smart heads. I didn't even look at the year and I just thought that you sent the first batch off to school. Now that the kids are off at school, what are you going to do with you extra time?

john posted on Thu, Feb 16, 2006 12:50 PM

Your moai goes to college...


Those MIT students are notorious for their pranks. Those jolly jokers will have those moai balanced on top of the deans roof some fine morning.

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