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Tiki in Palm Springs questions....

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Hello fellow Tiki worshipers...
I will be in Palm Springs the weekend of February 13, 14, and 15. (I will also be there for the Tiki event 4). I have never been to any Tiki locations there. I know of Caliente Resorts. What else can I do there? Anybody know any other Tiki related locations in Palm Springs? Is there somewhere on-line I can find out more? Help!!!
Your friend,

there was an event called "Desert Polynesia - a Tiki Weekend in Palm Springs" and there was a thin tourbook that was produced for it - with a shag cover of course... There is a self-guided tour in the booklet of tiki treasures.

Contact the Palm Springs Preservation foundation - they may have a few left?

If they don't have any left... the president, William Kopelk is a very nice guy - he bought me a drink at Taboo Cove once! Tell him Futura Girl sent you and see if he can figure out who that is :) and maybe he'll find one in the back corner of a closet somewhere.

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