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Palm Springs Tiki points of Interest questions...

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Hello, I will be in Palm Springs this weekend (again for Tiki 4). I still haven't found any other points of interest other than the Calientes Resort. I couldn't find the Desert Polynesia booklet info, and I didn't hear back from the people I e-mailed in PS. Any suggestions? Any other points of interest besides Calientes? HELP!!!!

Louis :)

Didn't Otto pass out my Palm Springs Tiki map at the last Tiki Oasis? I made one that had all the spots that were in my slide show on it and gave it to him to xerox and distribute. If so, it should be available at the Tropics front desk, just like the Modernism map.


Thanks for the update. I did not attend the Tiki Event last year. This will be my first year. But I'll be in Palm Springs this weekend (in 4 days) and I would like to visit these places. Is there anywhere on-line I can find this list before I get there? Does anyone have this list on line to e-mail? I appreatiate it. Thanks! :)

[email protected]

hello there,

I was in PS last month and stayed at the Caliente Tropics. Unfortunately the front desk didn't know anything about the PS Modernism map which several people had recommended on this forum.

However I did do some searching online and found a downloadable pdf copy here - http://www.psmodcom.com/maps.html

have fun!

There's already a topic on this:


Please discuss it there.

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