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Tiki Quest book

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Does anyone know if "Tiki Quest" book will become available in Canada or be sold at amazon.ca?



Tiki Quest is available on amazon.com and bn.com, but not on the Canadian sites at this time.

You can, however, order directly from us at http://www.pegboardchicago.com/tcorder.html. Our special price of $30 for Tiki Central members still applies. (For that price you'll receive a signed copy, plus some cool custom-made tiki swizzles). US orders receive free shipping; non-US orders will receive a discount on shipping.



Hiya coconutz,
I'm over in BC and ordered Tiki Quest from the above mentioned link. I was so excited when it arrived that I didn't even sit down to go through the entire thing! Very highly recommended, and the swizzles are too cool!(Thank you so much Duke and Amy!)

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