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virani posted on Mon, Feb 9, 2004 6:12 AM

Bad news : the neo tiki bar "Tiki's" in Gierle in Belgium has changed into a dance-techno club for 16 years old teenagers !!

We're living in a sad world these days...


On 2004-02-09 06:12, virani wrote:
Bad news : the neo tiki bar "Tiki's" in Gierle in Belgium has changed into a dance-techno club for 16 years old teenagers !!

We're living in a sad world these days...

Sounds like a bar for twerps. Antwerps that is!

Bad news. There's too few tiki bars in Europe already, without losing them.

WEll that is too bad. The wife and I , along with Kukulele were going to visit this place next month while on our Euro Tiki Tour. Virani, any info on the spanish bars? I'm trying to set up one more carving job while out there.


Tiki Road Trip lists 4 Tiki bars in spain, 3 in Barcelona. I've never been there but this should be worth the Trip.


Spain is the best european country for tiki bars...
Check in Barcelona the Aloha, the Kahiki and Kahaka (all in central Barcelona).
There's a Trader Vic in Marbella and others related to Hawaii in all country. You'll find all with the search button.
If you come to Paris, drop me a line and come visit me !!

There are at least 10 Tiki bars in Spain! Between us, Tiki Chris and I have visited most of the ones we know of. Check out an older report here:


It's not too hot on the Barcelona Tiki bars as they have been reported on Tiki Central along with lots of pics. Try the 'Locating Tiki' forum for more on Barcelona, where Spain's finest Tiki bars are to be found.

It's sad news to hear that 'Tikis' has closed in Belgium as the loss of a European Tiki bar is a real shame. I never got the chance to visit, but the decor came from The Wild Weekend 2 - a Tiki/garage festival in the UK. These Tiki decorations were early works by Josh Collins, who also decorated the 'South London Pacific'.

Trader Woody

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Too bad is right!

Funny, their web-site doesn't mention anything about the change from tiki to techno...

You can read a review (and look at a couple of pictures) of Tiki's in the Excursions section of my Mai Tai web-site: http://www.angelfire.com/un/maitai

Will have to list it as "closed" if it has indeed been de-tiki-fied...

On 2004-02-09 11:01, Tikifrog wrote:
Tiki Road Trip lists 4 Tiki bars in spain ...

i can vouch for 6:

moana beach in bilbao
mauna loa in madrid
waikiki in palma del rio
kahala in barcelona
kahiki in barcelona
trader vic's in marbella

... & then there's that elusive aloha bar in barcelona ...

also, i've been to other tiki bars in germany, sweden & of course england. i'll be glad to help in any way that i can.







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Hey thanks folks! I have the Tiki Roadtrip book and all that , I was looking for the personal tips. This is great and thanks again. Hope to see as many TC peeps as I can while there.

On the spanish Tiki bars front the "Moai" in Bennidorm has turned into a style bar, it was undergoing a major refurbishment when i was there, just yesterday. but on a positive note the "Mai Tai" is still going strong, i'm part of the way through a hangover from their cocktails.


On 2004-02-09 08:59, Tiki_Bong wrote:
Sounds like a bar for twerps. Antwerps that is!

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Zeta posted on Sat, Jun 12, 2010 8:57 PM

Pictures of the "tiki's" in Belgium anyone?
P.S. I have posted at least 10 tiki places in Spain not mentioned above, and there's more...

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