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How do i post pictures????

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Been lookin around the site to find some answers and no luck...

Can some one clue me in..

I get this request in email from time to time, here's what I wrote to someone else recently:

Tiki Central doesn't really allow the uploading on pics but allows "embedded linking" which means you're linking to a pic on another site, but instead of a link it just appears on the page. When your webbrowser loads the page, it loads all the text and graphics from Tikiroom but it loads the linked images off of the other site, and your webbrowser seamlessly stiches it into a single page on your computer.

To see this for yourself load up a message with pictures in it then right click on one of the pictures and select "properties". When the properties window come's up look at the Address property. You'll see it's not on Tikiroom but on another site.

So, if you have images on another site you can embedded link them by trying before and after the link to the picture, like this:

Sorry this isn't explained in the help... but the FAQ explains it. The FAQ is pretty detailed. I'll include a link to the FAQ from within the help pages when I get the chance!

The FAQ is located here:



PS... If you're looking for a place to post your pictures so you can link them here, geocities seems to not work for this anymore. But you can post your pictures to Shutterfly and link them over; that seems to be what everyone's doing these days.



Thanks I'll give it a try.

okay test

ooooooooooooooooh!! its me


If anyone needs a place to upload pics for the site, I have a webserver with unlimited disk space where I can host your pictures. Just email them to me and I'll send you the address where I put them.

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