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Trader Vic - City Trader?

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I was reading a review of London's Trader Vic's where it mentioned that Vic was a city trader that invented the Mai Tai down in the London branch many years ago. Obviously this statement is mistake-ridden to say the least (!) but was Vic ever a city trader? I know he was in the restaurant business for years before the chain that bears his name. There were a couple of books about business that are by a 'Trader Vic', but I'd always thought these were by someone else.

No doubt Vic's autobiography ('Frankly Speaking')would clear this one up, but I've yet to see a copy, never mind read it. Can anyone help?

Trader Woody

The Trader Vics here on Chicago unearthed a boxful of these books about 5 or 6 years ago and had them for sale at cover price: $7.95.

Naturally, I bought a few and disseminated them to pals.

But to answer your question: no mention is made of any career he had aside from running restaurants.

Thanks Tikibars.

Yeah, I didn't think Vic had worked in the city, but wasn't 100% sure. There's a book called "Trader Vic's Methods of a Wall Street Master" which is not written by Vic, but could feasibly have been based on the real Vic's business sense. Obviously that's not the case.

Trader Woody

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