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New Hukilau Forums

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For those who don't get the news email, there is now a message board on Hukilau to keep up with all the news, make suggestions and discuss anything Hukilau related.

The board is HERE and works mostly the same as TC.

There should be lots of Hukilau 2004 news coming out in the next week or so.

Nice forum Swank!
Thanks for the effort.


Very nice.

Is the Hukilau some sort of font?


Swanky, I can't login or post. I registered awhile back so when I tried to re-register it said that my email address and user name was already being used -- but I never got an activation email.

Can you check it out for me? Same username and email I address I use here at TC.



I set you to active. See if that fixes it. If not, email me and I'll delete you and we'll start over.

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