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Trader Vic's Seahorse Cocktail Glass - ???

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I came across a lime green, ceramic Trader Vic's seahorse glass hidden in a cabinet on an older boat. I have tried to research it, both here and through Google... but can't seem to find any information on it, i.e. age, value, origin, etc.

I would very much appreciate any enlightenment from you Tiki officiandoexpertisers! Thanks so much!

Tiki Fire

[ Edited by: Tiki Fire on 2004-03-30 10:59 ]

im no expert in trader vic mugs, however i do know that the seahorse mugs were only available at the trader vics in hawaii. they came in blue and green. i happen to have the blue. im not sure how old they are, but i do know that the trader vics in hawaii is no longer, and has been that way for awhile.


Welcome to Tiki Central Tiki Fire!
Nice find on the TV Seahorse, it's a great mug (IMHO).
Anyway, here's one currently up for auction...


And one thats completed...


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Tiki Fire,
Trader Vic's in Hawaii was the only one who carried that mug. They were available in different colors - I have a blue, green and yellow one. The Hawaii TV's was the bastard child of the Trader Vic's organization. Their tiki mugs were unique to their restaurant and not available in any of the others.


Thank you Royale for the welcome to TikiCentral and the links! And thank you also to Poly Pop and Tikicleen for the info on my mug!

I am more curious now... When do you think this mug dates back to? When did TV in Hawaii close and does anyone know why? Being from the SF bay area.. TV certainly has a long, landmark reputation.

Royale.. I am going to keep an eye on the current mug up for auction on eBay.. I will report back here with how much it closes for and what interest it generated.

Thanks again to all, and I am certainly interested in learning more from anyone else that may have insight on this piece!

Tiki Fire

[ Edited by: Tiki Fire on 2004-03-30 11:00 ]

Loui B still manufactures the seahorse mugs in green and blue. they have these mugs on their website.
I have the green TV seahorse, which stands out from the Loui B mugs because of the raised lettering.


Just reporting back... the mug on eBay closed at $61.00 and was blue in color. I am still interested in knowing when TV in Hawaii closed if anyone has this info and what the circa of these mugs may be. Thanks!

Tiki Fire

[ Edited by: Tiki Fire on 2004-03-30 11:01 ]


It seems like most people have the blue version of the TV Seahorse mug. They also came in black, brown, yellow and green. Does anyone know if there is a color that is more rare than the rest?

...wow, nobody called this a Tiki mug!
I'm happy! :)

JTD posted on Wed, Mar 31, 2004 6:23 AM

On 2004-03-30 07:10, MachTiki wrote:
It seems like most people have the blue version of the TV Seahorse mug. They also came in black, brown, yellow and green. Does anyone know if there is a color that is more rare than the rest?

An orange one just went on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3904914740&category=2001.
First one of those I've seen. I wish I were one of "most people" who have a blue one. waaah.



On 2004-03-30 22:18, bigbrotiki wrote:
...wow, nobody called this a Tiki mug!
I'm happy! :)

We would only call it a Tiki mug if we were 'horsing" around.... eheheh

Oh and JDT, thanks for the link and don't feel bad, I don't have any of them either. I just see them popping up on eBay in different colors and was wondering if one color is more desirable than the rest.

Frankly, I need to just stick to collecting "Tiki" mugs - or else I'll need to add on an addition.


Since we were such good kids... do we win a prize?? hee hee :wink:



A Savage Renewal post...

Green, blue, yellow, orange, black, brown... I had no idea these seahorses came in so many colors! I was only aware of the green, blue & yellow ones. Fantastic!

In this TC thread from 2002, woofmutt states that his Trader Vic's seahorse mugs have an obvious seam line across the bottom, is that true for other people's?

Here's the Louie B Ceramics website, it hasn't been updated since 2000, but they show a pink seahorse. Did Louie B create these for Trader Vic's, or did they get the molds from someone else?

Polynesian Pop mentioned that the Trader Vic's in Hawaii had their own mugs, was it just these seahorse mugs, or did they have other unique designs? Are these from the Trader Vic's Honolulu location (on Ward Ave), or the Waikiki location (Int'l Marketplace)?

All of a sudden, I want a seahorse...

From my research I understand that the Trader Vics in Hawaii was owned by franchisee, Harry Owens. They were 100% autonomous from Trader Vics corp. They did not have any of the standard mugs as the TV's on the Mainland.
Louie B was a supplier, and it is easy to get a seahorse without the Trader Vics logo.
They had many other oddball suppliers for TV in Hawaii, as well. I agree..seahorses are cool mugs.

Perhaps, I will talk to the management of the new Trader Vics here in Scottsdale, as they will be a franchisee, too. (This Trader Vic's is going to be owned and operated by a group that has Santuary Resort in Scottsdale. It shou;d be really chic (circa Palm Springs 1950) located within the vintage boutique hotel, the Valley Ho.)

It would be great if they ordered Trader Vic's seahorses for this store from Louie B..I am sure he has the old molds.

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