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Tiki - Texas style...

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The Vegas photos inspired me (and made me a little homesick) so, here are some photos (all but the last photo are courtesy of Ocean's 11 Austin) from my old stompin' ground. Where tasteful and tacky collide:

These guys are HUGE in person and sit atop a wall that overlooks the patio... This is the "Home of the Rat Pack Happy Hour" see the heads of Frank, Dino, and Sammy on the tips of their spears??

This is one of the walls inside the main bar...

This is part of the 'roofline' of the tiki hut that runs along along the entire ceiling. The photo does NOT do it justice. You can barely make out the carved tiki pole...

Because if it ain't trash, it ain't Texas and what's a Texan tiki bar without a velvet painting??

My favorite bartender, "Kevin" on Wednesday's Elvis Karaoke night. (If you go, have him make his signature shot = a 'banana in a tailpipe'... it isn't on the menu)

Fun with the 'Pack...the 2nd generation

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Great bar Tikimel, That black velvet can hang in my bar any time.
The guys in the first picture are so cool with thier spears.
I have never been to Texas, I have no plans on going to Texas, but if I do I am going there for sure :) :D

Love the Rat Pack Heads! And the tiki's holding them. Fun, fun!

Yee-Haw & Aloha,
Tiki Kiliki

I can't stop staring at that photo of the tiki gods with the rat packers on their spears! Where is that place - I've got to go there!

Is that Ocean's 11???


Yep !! It's Ocean's 11 !! At 8th (or 7th?) and Red River, in Austin, TX (caddycorner from Stubbs, if you're familiar with the area)

Fantastic place! Have you been ???

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