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Honolulu / David Chan article

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Today's Washington Post has a very nice and respectful article about the Honolulu Restaurant and owner/bartender David Chan.


The article contains a good history of David Chan's background working at Trader Vics, and a bit of his philosophy towards bartending skills. Best of all, the accompanying photo shows the two tables that I usually end up sitting at during my lunchtime visits -- and also they hint that David might continue to bartend at some other restaurant.

The only thing bad about the article is that the second half talks about the opening of the new Coyote Ugly Bar in DC. It just doesn't seem like a fair trade to me at all - we're giving up the Honolulu, and ending up with a place that refers itself to a 'dream fraternity party on steroids.' Arrrrgh!



Thanks for posting this. I would have never found it. We have all got to get together there soon.


I am up for a Honolulu gathering - let's shoot for sometime soon! I'm also gonna need a driver because I'm planning on getting some serious drinking done!

Turbogod can I drink this time!!!!!!!! or do I have to sit on the side line. Was it really that bad


On 2004-02-15 15:01, powerofthetiki wrote:
Turbogod can I drink this time!!!!!!!! or do I have to sit on the side line. Was it really that bad

as long as you don't order everything on the drink menu except "Thank You, Please come again!"

Thanks Vern. Always nice to get a little more history. Sorry your local bar is closing. I know we like to talk about a tiki revival going on, but when places like the Honolulu close it seems like we're losing much more ground than we are gaining.

That gets sadder every time I think about it...time marches on. Please (in no way felt of greed but a sense of preserving tiki and keeping it alive) tell them the story of Hale Tiki, Vern, and perhaps they'd give Brad the op of buying some of the decor to put in his bar. The guy's a true believer, and anything there would forever be revered...

Oh this is so sad. I had such a fantastic time when I visited last year. I can't believe my first was also my last. sigh
I am glad I was able experience it, and the warmth of the owners. I made sure to let them know that the Honolulu was the place I wanted to go, and that I came all the way from BC Canada. I did, however, turn my brother and father to all things tiki, with just that visit. I will never forget that night, not for a hundred years.

Honolulu pix... i was glad to fully document the bananas flambe process...

  1. have drinks

  1. order. the service at the Honolulu is so good... (sigh)...


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