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Newest Headhunter

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Aloha all!

We are delighted to share the news of the birth of our very own little headhunter! Logan Grey Carter was born this Wednesday the 11th at 5:53 PM. 8lbs, 10oz. 21-inches long. He's already collecting vintage aloha shirts and Tikis! He's fond of the hand-carved Marquesan style Tikis and Westwood mugs. Should be fun scouring the flea markets with him this summer!

-Duke and Amy

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SES posted on Sat, Feb 14, 2004 9:12 PM

Congrats! Cute photos!
Welcome to TC's youngest member!


....he's gorgeous!


When your child rebels against TIKI - just remember that it's a phase and will pass as soon as the rum and coke hangovers fade into a thirst for the fruity, tropical blends his forebears appreciated.

I only say that because my daughter just left the nest last week. She's still in the "whaaateverrrrrr" stage.

For now: enjoy every second of your charge, for it is the most important thing you will ever do... and the most rewarding.
Logan has infinite possibilities in front of him - except for having a better vintage mug collection than you... and will absorb every bit of guidance (no matter how repetitive) you can give him.

Congratulations and thank you so much for showing us those delightful photos.

Congrats to all 3 of you. It is an incredible time ahead of you.

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Congratulations you two!!!
Hte little guy has a great "mug"
Much aloha to you all,


A "warm" welcome to the cutest Lil Tiki on this site! Congratulations to Mom and Dad...enjoy!!!! :)


Congrats again, What is his username?, Gotta start him right all the way. Looks like you've got a pretty good Headstart.Maybe thei should be in the "Creating Tiki" forum??
Thanks for sharing.

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What a cutie cutie CUTIE!

Definitely the finest "tiki creation" along in a while on TC - good call, Benzart!

And great job Amy! Whew!

I know we all are looking forward to seeing little Logan in person someday soon. You have every reason to be thrilled, Duke!
alice b


Amy and Duke,
Congratulations on the baby! Can you believe it? Only 4 days old and he's already collecting tikis! What a chip off the old palm log!


Congratulations and best wishes – here is hoping for lots of rewarding joyous moments and sustaining amounts of sleep!

Yeah baby! Congrat's you guys.

Congrats, Duke! Looks like whatever was in that Westwood mug was heavy on the lime!



Congratulations! He's a beautiful baby.


w0w! thanks for the warm & fuzzies. that kid's a cutie!


congrats duke and amy!

i did a google and can you believe there is a website called tiki baby?


they even have aloha shirts ~ sweet


A big Tiki Congrats!
The beginning of a new tribe.


Duke - while your new one is still a good 10-11 months away from needing one of these, it never hurts to plan ahead...now if they only had unbreakable tiki mug sippy cups we'd be set!

Here's a link...


Aloha from the enchanted Pi Yi Grotto in exotic Bel Air Maryland!

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Congratulations Amy & Duke!!

That's one cute little headhunter! Nice to see he's got such a great head start in life.

Trader Woody


Shelley and I send the warmest regards to your fine young cannibal. Congratulations!!!

That's a good one, the prize in your collection, guys! Congrats!
Wonder what his first word will be...


What a lucky little guy he is. Once he's grown a bit, Logan can go on a "tiki crawl" in his own home!!! Well done to the Carters!


Many Mahalos for the kind words about little Logan. Perhaps the guys at Munktiki could be persuaded to make a bottle like Unga Bunga posted. We will definitely be getting him one of those Hungry Tiki bowl sets to use until he can safely handle ceramic (maybe when he's 17 or 18). Joking aside, we will have to seriously reconsider how to display vintage breakables once he's mobile. Any other parents have suggestions on how to minimize the breakage?

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