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I wuz wrong...Otto's Shrunken Head IS cool.

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Aloha people-

Some of you may recall my lukewarm reviews of Otto's Shrunken Head in the East Village here in NYC. Well, after being there this past Friday, I must say that it actually is a cool, fun place. I guess I just didn't give it a chance the first coupla go-rounds, and was being a Tiki purist, but I can't help that. I did have a feeling then that the place had potential and it could be cool. Basically Otto's combines the Tiki bar element with the gritty feel of a good East Village rock-n-roll club, and that I say, is just f-i-n-e, fine with me. The Mai Tai wasn't necessarily Trader Vic style, but it was pretty good nonetheless.

Another way I could desribe Otto's is probably akin to a good seasoned skillet. You know, one you've cooked in and it's kinda funky but not dirty, and it's.....uh, nevermind. You get the idea.

High praise to the band that was playing there that night, The Memphis Morticians. Awesome, ass kicking rockabilly band! If you live in or are gonna visit NYC, and they're playing...go see them! I would have gone to see them again last night at The Continental if I wasn't so f'ing tired.

So yeah, I'll be back at Otto's probably to check out tikidrummer's band the Fishermen. Meanwhile....

Mahalo :drink:

SES posted on Sun, Feb 15, 2004 1:04 PM

I'll be in NY the end of Feb. begin of March for a trade show. Who's playing then? I noticed in another thread that The Fishermen weren't.

definitely keep us posted about when you'll be around!

SES posted on Sun, Feb 15, 2004 1:23 PM

The show is Feb.29 - March 2 so prob arriving on the 28/29th leaving the 2nd.


hey there DonHoNYC
Thanks for giving Otto's a second chance!

I'm glad you liked the Memphis Morticians.
Mike (singer) does a party here every last sat . of the month called Midnite Monster Hop. If you liked the music, you enjoy the bands and DJs for that night. Crazy Al of APE fame is in town tonite and will be jamming with his old buddy FISHERMAN. Hope you can make it.

to susane
Please note, Fisherman will out of town Feb 23 until his return on March 8. Alternate entertainment will be provided by Mz Pacman and the Kyle Forester Experience.

On 2004-02-15 13:23, susane wrote:
The show is Feb.29 - March 2 so prob arriving on the 28/29th leaving the 2nd.


i'm actually out of town from fri 2/27 - mon 3/1. if you happen to come down earlier or decide to stay thru the 2nd, please let me know.

take care,

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2004-02-16 12:55 ]



I will be back my friend. It was a good time. Trying to cut back on the Mai Tais for a while (great idea, huh?), so my timing for rediscovering Otto's is kinda off. But trust me, you'll be seeing me lurk around in there soon. By the way, nice album covers in the Men's room. I actually have a few of those myself!

SES posted on Mon, Feb 16, 2004 5:42 PM

Next time then...
Does Otto's have a website yet? I couldn't find one listed anywhere when I searched.
What is Mz Pacman and the Kyle Forester Experience like? I have other people with me and not sure exactly what their tolerance level is. Hah



hey susane
Otto's doesn't have a site. We're very analog. Mz. Pakman does have a site though and Kyle plays w/ Fisherman but I don't know what this project sounds like


i'm willin' to show you Otto's when you are around.
DonHo--nyc tiki's got alot of potential. You're not gonna find Old School Classics here, but what we got shows the variety within the style of Tiki. It's not gonna be just one thing! (Trader Vics). If it was, we'd be like the Hoity-toitys or something--hahaha. Just pullin' some SoCal leg.

SES posted on Tue, Feb 17, 2004 2:43 PM

okay thanks! will let you know what's up.

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